Sunday, September 28, 2003

Another day, another ailment

Dear Witho

Please stop being ill now. It is rather tedious for all concerned, particularly the big fella who has to put up with your whing(e)ing [hmmm, not sure of spelling], and your lovely next door neighbour who keeps doing stuff for you.

Love Witho

Yes, the latter part of last week yielded yet another ailment - according to my doctor it could well have been caused by the previous one. The details of this latest one I'm not prepared to share, suffice it to say, it was most unpleasant and distressing, such that I was actually in tears in the doctor's surgery (not like a Witho at all). Ended up getting on the first available train to London on Thursday night having been ordered to do so by the big fella when I couldn't stop crying on the phone. As soon as I was on my way to the station, the tears dried up. Just knowing I would see him made me so much calmer ("ahhhhhhh" / "pass the vom bucket" / "whatever" - delete where applicable).

Anyway, was off work on Friday so didn't get a chance to find out what effect my "worm-can-opening" antics had had at work. I'll have that pleasure when I go back to work tomorrow (am back from London now, despite taking a week's worth of clothes up to London just in case I couldn't bear to come back!)

Gotta go now - my lovely big fella is going to call any minute and I'm just an old-fashioned girl with dial-up access...

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