Sunday, September 14, 2003

Blogging from home

Here's my first post from home - not that I should be proud of the fact that most of my time-wasting occurs during working hours, but hey, how can I resist when I'm sitting in front of a PC all day? Anyway, it improves my morale at work (or something....) - and believe you me, my morale at work is in dire need of improvement!

So here I am again. Just had a busy "first-part-of-weekend" up in the big smoke with the family but back home now getting ready for phase II of the weekend which will involve a (hopefully pleasant) walk in the New Forest - a lovely day for it too. Phase III will require me to gorge myself on pub food after the walk... bit of a chore, I know, but I'll do it for the good of society...

Didn't tell the family about the blog... not sure why. Just like I'm not sure why I haven't told my closest friends (apart from the big fella of course).

Bye bye little blog, see you again soon....

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