Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Evil Blogger... and other stories

It's a funny old world when you want to give someone money and they won't take it. "What do you mean Witho? Please elaborate!" I hear you cry... (NOT!)

Well, being new to the world of blogging, I started my career off with a free Blog*spot account, thinking "I'll see how it goes, and then upgrade if necessary". A few weeks on, and now that I've also managed to operate the multimedia messaging facility on my mobile, I'm itching to start embellishing my blog with low quality photos. However, according to this it seems that Blogger don't want my money - they are not accepting any upgrades from free accounts to Blog*SpotPlus or BloggerPro.

Fellow bloggers, what do you suggest I do?

Other than that, today is a sad day at work as it sees the mass exodus of most of our contractors (among them Steve "Neveratoss" who actually left on Friday as he's currently in the Dordogne, and Paul who often comments on my blog). Some of these guys have become part of the furniture, so it's quite a shock to see them go. I'll certainly miss the ad-hoc pub lunches... If any of you read my blog, goodbye and good luck! The office will become even more morgue-like - if that's at all possible.

I have spent most of the day wasting mine and the company's time (and of course the company's money). I used to give good value for money in my job - not any more... Despite me telling my line manager that I didn't want to do my job anymore last week, nothing has changed. My request to move role immediately for the sake of my health and sanity has been disregarded. My line manager felt there would be "considerable opposition" to me moving from my current project and failed to pass my concerns on to the "power(les)s-that-be". I wonder how "considerable" the "opposition" will be when I hand in my notice... ooh, I just can't wait... ("But wait you must Witho, don't do anything rash!" - The voice of reason)

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