Wednesday, September 24, 2003

National Exploding Cranberry Juice carton day!

Apparently, the 23rd September was "National Exploding Cranberry Juice" day. I only found this out when I arrived home from work, opened my bag to put my keys away and thought "I'll just take that carton of cranberry juice out.... hmmm, that feels a bit light, almost as if it's not full of cranberry juice.... hmmm... hang on a minute...... [insert many expletives]". I then arrived at work this morning and shared my experience with my friends in my usual "green-screen-based" fashion, only to find that a friend had had a similar experience last night during their grocery delivery! What are the chances of that?

So pencil that in for next year folks, you don't want to miss out!

The pleasures of an evening spent drying 10 pound notes out on the radiator, wiping the sticky residue from any number of credit/debit/loyalty/membership cards, soaking coins in a bowl of soapy water, mopping the kitchen floor and realising that my favourite black coat would need dry cleaning cannot be underestimated.

Oh, and the dramatic irony of putting the carton in the bag in the first place and thinking "Hmmm, I hope that doesn't explode..."

All in all, the icing on the cake of a generally miserable day.

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