Tuesday, September 09, 2003

To camera-phone or not to camera-phone; that is the question....

I need a new mobile. Well, I probably don't need a new one, but clearly want one. Well, I certainly need a new mobile telephone package due to drastically altered telephone habits over the past 4 weeks (I'll tell you why on some other occasion, if you're interested) which creates an ideal opportunity to get a nice new handset while I'm at it! The question is, do I get one of these so-called new-fangled camera-based 'phones? I suppose the answer will be somewhat dependent on the following (further) question:

"Does the camera-phone come free with the package?"

Being, in essence, a little bit "council", I'm always keen on the cheapskate option, if available.

Pros of camera-phone:
Lots of my friends have them and it could be fun to send photos!

Cons of camera-phone
They are quite bulky
The picture quality isn't great
The novelty factor will probably wear off after... oh, minutes!

But I want one!
I shall now venture into the dreaded Shopping Mall to carry out my detailed research...

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