Thursday, September 25, 2003

We are not worthy

Just been looking at this blog which many of my readers probably already know, since I got to it through Steve's blog which is the "hub" and the inspiration for many of the blogs around here. Anyway, I digress. Londonmark is proof that there are people out there who:

a) can spell
b) have some command of English grammar

Check it out for some beautifully written, extremely funny pieces, the like of which I can only aspire to...

By the way, I have done two pro-active things today:

a) I've applied for a new job , a worthwhile job, a job which could (just could) make me feel good about my career again (hence the cv printing débacle)

b) I told my line manager that I didn't think I had any future in my current job and that my morale was at an all time low

The proverbial can of worms is now open!

I've been stewing on this for such a long time, it feels good to be taking that first step. Where it will get me, I'm not sure, but it's better than doing nothing.

Witho, you've gone all serious - DESIST!

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