Friday, October 31, 2003


what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

Now, either everyone hates me, or the comments are playing up again. Both options seem likely, but for my own self esteem, I shall claim the latter. Which means that when I do eventually switch over to Blogspeak, I will find out if it was, in fact, the former after all. And cry.

Fashion news:
Today is dress down day at work for Hallowe'en. I'm wearing my "young people's" clothes, in particular, my "pink flame" trainers (like these but with white background), and my Custard Shop "cat" bag (like one of these, a blue one with just a cheeky cat face, not a whole cat). Desperately clinging onto my youth...

Other news:
BF is here! *sigh of relief accompanied by smug smirk*. Picked him up at station at half past midnight. Hence (and otherwise) am slightly knackered this morning. Just about scraped into work on time, then proceeded to take the p*ss by going upstairs to the canteen for a full English. Naughty Witho!

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Happy Witho!

Big Fella's coming down to Southampton tonight, once he's got back from Italy, returned home, replaced contents of suitcase and jumped on a train. So that makes Witho a happy Witho, as per photo below: (apologies to Rosie and Tilesey who won't see this, but you can see my happy, smug face anyway just by wandering around the office...)

Happy Witho

Billy, on the right hand side you might just be able to see my pink streak. Don't think the highlights show up very well though...

I've discovered that my camera-phone-attachment thingy works best in broad daylight, otherwise everything looks orangey-red (as below). This one at least shows my deathly pale complexion (just one of the reasons I get accused of being a goth on quite a regular basis).

Shower curtain (in the background) from Habitat.

Also happy as my double glazing has been installed this week so I have nice new windows and my flat is snuggly and warm in readiness for even more snuggly warmth when the BF turns up tonight. It's great not being single anymore, I was there for a long time (longer than I care to mention)....

Smugness over for now


Wednesday, October 29, 2003

This is me

Can anyone see this photo? I can't...
A self portrait

Not sure what this means, but...

"Your soul is worth £39,134. For your peace of mind, 19% of people have a purer soul than you"

Stolen from Elsie.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

What kind of crazy world do we live in?

Apparently my blog is a commodity. People have been buying and selling notional shares in it! Found on Billy's blog where he revealed that he owns one share in my blog, check this out.

My share price has gone up from $0.29 to $7.53. Cool (I think...)

Witho's dream

I don't often remember dreams. But when I do, it's surreal. Last night being no exception...

The only details I remember are these:

I was at some sort of environmental protest site (à la "Swampy" stylee). Not sure of the details of the protest, suffice it to say, there were various hippies sitting around. I was engaged in grooming a horse which had a very curly mane. The horse was lying down. Once I'd finished, the horse got up and gave me a hug (not entirely sure of the logistics here...) presumably in recognition of my no doubt admirable grooming efforts, and then a random work colleague (who sits behind me) appeared on the scene and joined our human-equine hugging session. We were all a bit emotional with tears in our eyes, but in a happy, contented way.

I dread to think what this nonsense reveals about my addled brain...

I'm actually scared of horses, although I like them - if that makes any sense. I think they're nice, dignified creatures, but their sheer size and power frightens me.

My family were on holiday in the Cotswolds, staying in a converted barn which was on a farm complex. There was an adjoining field with some horses in it. My sister and I wanted to feed the horse an apple, so we went up to it, and proffered the apple. The horse approached, but as soon as its mouth started manoeuvring towards the apple, we both got scared, threw the apple on the ground and ran away. I bet you think this happened when we were kids but it was only a few years ago! I try to do the country thing, but sometimes I'm a bit too "London" for my own good...

Hmmm, afternoon rambling - beats pretending to do work....

Tips please!

Can anyone let me know if it's possible to insert an image from my textamerica moblog directly into my blog by using the img tag and inserting the URL? I've tried this and I just get a stupid , but have managed to get various logos using the same methodology (e.g. Google and Enetation).

What am I doing wrong?

Thickie Witho

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Moblog update

My brand new moblog now features...... [wait for it].... an extremely low quality photo of my good self, taken with an extremely low quality camera phone. Don't all rush at once now!

Today's shopping trip yielded the following items:

The rather pathetic yield listed above, however, does not accurately represent the man hours spent in TK Maxx, browsing and trying on any number of garments covering the full spectrum of human existence (or something), including:

[* the figures used here may be an exaggeration, or may be made up]

Well, it killed a bit of time which would have been spent moping about, pining for the Big Fella who I'm missing lots at the moment. This weekend was a bit "old school" in the sense that I spent the weekend on my own and didn't really *do* anything. For the past few months, I've been up to all sorts both with and without the BF, so it was weird.

Anyway, I must stop posting from home - it's costing me money!


Saturday, October 25, 2003

I just had to copy, didn't I?

Okay, I've got a moblog, seeing as Blogger won't let me put me photies on here... ahhh, but I haven't actually worked out exactly how to post anything to it yet have I? Give me a chance.

I'm bored. This is the first weekend in what seems like a million years that I'm not actually doing anything. Well, I'm *supposed* to be tidying up my flat for the impending double glazing installation on Monday, and I've done a bit of that, but have mostly sloped around, set up a Moblog, managed to clog up my Dyson with hair and flokati rug (when I say my Dyson, I mean the one that used to belong to my sister, but a "non-vital" bit fell off it, so she bought a new one and gave the old one to me), looked in despair at the chaos which is my spare room and didn't even attempt to tidy that up, and generally pined for the Big Fella. He's away on some school-based jolly to Italy for half term and is currently loafing around somewhere near Lake Garda. Teachers eh, what a life?

I can feel TK Maxx calling tomorrow, and who knows, if I'm good maybe I'll go to Sports Soccer as well. Can I take the excitement?

Oh, and Swiss, if you're reading this, I'm going to buy a skirt! It was only a matter of time, and I need something to wear with my sexy pointy boots. Must take a pic of them for this so-called Moblog...



Check this out. You can create your own fridge-magnet based message and e-mail it to some unsuspecting fool! I'm liking that...

Stolen from Neveratoss

Friday, October 24, 2003

Pick a job, any job

Given my current occupational issues, and indeed those of my blog "daddy" Stevan, casual blogger Swiss and occasional blog commenters paulw and suave, this could be a handy way of choosing one's next career.

Some I like the sound of are:


Courtesy of languagehat via Blue Witch...

Enetation, Schmenetation!

Grrr! Enetation is officially pants, because I say so... I reckon that's why I don't get many comments on my blog. Not because my blog is rubbish or anything, but because everyone gets a 504 when they try and leave a comment... That's what I tell myself anyway, through the tears...

Even more reason to go over to Typepad I suppose....

Thursday, October 23, 2003


I was just sitting there writing an e-mail to a recruitment agent which included the following phrase:

"I will soon be relocating to South East London..."

Re-reading this simple phrase to myself sent my stomach a-fluttering. I've been talking about this for some time, but actually writing it down officially made it seem more real. Yes, I'm actually going to leave this place. I've worked here for over 5 years - it's going to be strange to work and live somewhere else. But times they are a-changing for the better - I'm going with the flow...

I came down here 5 years ago looking for a fresh start. My previous job was based around the then boyfriend (as previously advised, I have been known, rightly or wrongly, to base major career decisions around relationships), who became the ex-boyfriend (his choice, not mine), leaving me wondering what the hell I was doing in Brussels on my own, far away from friends and family.

So coming down here was on my terms and I was determined to make it work. It did work for a couple of years - my career progressed, I enjoyed my job, I made some wonderful friends (with whom I fully intend to maintain contact from my new abode), I bought my own flat (which still has approximately the same amount of untapped "potential" as it had when I first moved in... oops!) and bumbled along quite nicely. I don't really know when or why things changed, but I think I've just reached a point where I don't want to go any further within this organisation. It's time to move on...

Yes, the Big Fella has had a part to play - he has acted as a catalyst in my leaving, but is not the sole cause. I had already started applying for jobs long before he came on the scene (honest!).

I just need to find a job now! The sooner I can hand over that letter of resignation, (which I've been drafting in my head for a long time now!) the better...

Updated links

I've added some new names to my links list. Hannabella - since she's Tilesey's flatmate, and we all love Tilesey, Blue Witch because she's the blogosphere's consumer champion and we're coming up to Hallowe'en, plus Bighatdino and Scary Duck, as I have been known to peruse their blogs from time to time...

Tilesey and his friends are moving downstairs to where I am today, so I'll have some company down here - that'll be good, the atmosphere is far too conscientious at the moment, Tilesey will soon put paid to that!

Anyway, I've wasted a fair bit of time so far - blogging and texting the big fella who's given his sixth form an unseen translation so is free to text me live and direct from the classroom! I'm sure that's probably not allowed....

Anyway, that unicorn thing was indeed rubbish, as pointed out by various commenters, but it's one of the ways in which I can get pictures on my blog, so I'm having it!


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

That's me that is...

As seen on various blogs:

You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to go into the Dark Wood. Disregarding the advice to her by the spirits, Unicorn went inside and bled silver blood.. For her misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve (Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of innocence, the number 3, and the element of water. Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious individual. You are drawn to new things and become fascinated with ideas you've never come in contact with before. Some people may say you are too nosey, but it's only because you like getting to the bottom of things and solving them. Unicorns are the best friends to have because they are inquisitive.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Job update

I applied for two jobs today. Well, I will have once I've located a stamp... I've also requested some application packs for a couple more jobs.

Once again, I've been blatantly abusing the facilities at my current job in order to achieve this level of job-enhuntment.



I really ought to get a printer at home....

Tuesday's rant

Dear world

Spell checker is not a substitute for using a combination of eyes and brain to ascertain whether or not what you've written is a pile of old pants. It is merely a tool to inform you if specific words do not exist in a given dictionary. For example, if you've used "your" where you should have used "you're", spell checker will not detect this. If you've peppered your writings with superfluous apostrophes (as so many people do these days), spell checker will not detect this either.


Lots of love

Monday, October 20, 2003


Morning blogosphere! This weekend I have mostly:

The dirty weekend was a great success - I can of course now reveal that we spent it in a cosy cottage on the Kent Coast. All went to plan - picked the BF up from school (he was spotted in my car by at least one of his pupils), whisked him off, but then had to tell him where we were going as we headed out of London, as I'm a hopeless navigator, particularly if I'm trying to drive at the same time (d'oh!). Once there, we enjoyed sunny cliff-based walks and windy beach-based walks, fish and chips and plenty of lurrrve. It was great.

My hair is now sporting its new look after Friday morning's mammoth session. As planned, I introduced contrast by combining the new streaks with a semi-permanent colour to reinstate my natural raven. I also had some layers put in (this is a big thing for me, I have had one-length hair for something like 14 years!) and, as previously advised, saw what my hair could look like given half an hour, a diffuser attachment and a gel-based hair unguent!

Other than that, found some interesting job possibilities in Saturday's paper, so will be following those up this week. The grindstone continues for the moment though....

Thursday, October 16, 2003

It's Friday!!!!!

Well, for me it is - heh heh heh! I've got tomorrow off you see. "But Witho, why?" I (don't) hear you ask....

Well, gentle blog-readers, this weekend is "The Dirty Weekend" (said in dramatic, whispery voice of that man that does film trailers...) - you know, the one I booked a few weeks ago...

The idea is, I drive up to London in time to pick the Big Fella up from school (that sounds *so* wrong...), possibly provoking staring, giggling and subsequent mocking if any of his pupils spot him snogging some bird outside the school gates (heh heh heh). He then gets into my car and I drive him to [undisclosed location, on account of it being a secret and sod's law would ensure that he actually reads the blog today for a change...] and we spend the weekend.... erm... watching DVDs or something...

Oh, and in the morning I'm going for a run (will try 6km this time) and then getting my hair re-streaked... last time they did it, the overall effect was a bit too uniform - this time I'm going to get them to do it a bit more funky with more contrast. I *may* even get them to put a pink streak in as well. I've gone a bit pink recently (due to Big-Fella-ism), and have been wearing a pink "clip-on" streak in my hair (which has caused many people to back away, slowly) but am considering getting a permanent one put in to reflect my newly discovered pinkness. I even wore a pink jumper to work the other day. This caused much whispering throughout the office due to the fact that I have spent much of the last 10 years shrouding myself entirely in black... but I'm not a goth, honest! I've got naturally raven hair and pale skin and black is, and always has been, the most flattering of (non) colours... bagsy no returns!! (Do you get the impression I've been struggling with this goth label for some time? One of the reasons why I had my hair streaked...)

I think I've wasted a fair bit of time so far today, will probably come back later for more idle chit-chat...

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The plan is hatched!

As the readers of my blog will know, I have been struggling with certain aspects of my life for some time now.

Firstly, I have grown to loathe and detest my job with such a passion, that I just don't feel I can do it anymore. My job is utterly worthless, pointless and miserable. It serves no useful purpose to society, in fact it barely serves a purpose within the blinkered confines of the organisation. I feel as if I could just not turn up for work for months on end and no-one would notice or even care. That doesn't make me feel good. I've reached the stage where I take no pride or interest in my work. I've never felt that way about a job before, so I figure it's time to get out of this one.

Secondly, two months ago I started a relationship with the lovely Big Fella after being single for more years than I care to mention (Tilesey, six months is nothing...). I can't tell you how this has changed my outlook on life, but the problem is, he's in London and I'm... well, not!

Given these two factors, the upshot is:

a) I need a total change of career
b) I need to be with the Big Fella

Up until now, I have been trying to think of what my long-term career should be. This has been really hard. I've never really had a clear idea of what to do with my life - apart from dabbling with the idea of being an Air Traffic Controller (which was scuppered by me failing at the second interview...) I now realise that I need to do things one step at a time, the "final solution" may be some way away and is too overwhelming to think about. So last night, as I was talking these issues through with the Big Fella, I came up with a plan:

I get a temporary job in London, which will solve problem b). Whilst there, I will consider what I want to do in the long term (problem a)), whilst basking in the comfort and safety of the arms of the Big Fella.

Ultimately, it's likely that we will end up back down here (since neither he nor I have any desire to live in London long term) - he would just need to find an appropriate position - being a classics teacher means that he's not as in demand as, say, a maths teacher and can't just bowl up at any old school and say "Gissa job mate"...

So that's the plan. It's given me something achievable to aim for. I don't have to totally up sticks, sell the flat, make massive sacrifices. I can just give myself time to think about what I need to do, with BF to support me (and vice versa)...

That's it for now, better get back to doing a not-very-convincing impression of someone doing some work....

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Just checked my on-line mobile phone bill. Since 17th September, I have sent 367 text messages. Hmmmm... long distance relationships, don't you just love 'em?

Went for a 4km run last night - it felt good. I missed a lot of running through illness, but have been building it back up slowly and am almost back up to my previous level. Cool!

Random essay title:

"Malt loaf is great. Discuss"

I suffer from a condition known as "Malt loaf anxiety syndrome". If I don't have a few loaves in reserve, I start getting a bit anxious. I have the same syndrome with Wrigley's Extra peppermint chewing gum...

I'll shut up now


Monday, October 13, 2003


I've just discovered how to do a bulleted list, so have "doctored" some previous list-based entries to pretty them up a bit. I do like a hanging indent, bless me....

Look, I'm a "green screen" girl, all this web stuff is new to me!

An A-Z of Witho

I've seen this on various blogs. Seems a bit self indulgent, but I suppose the whole blog thing is anyway. So here goes

B-BOYFRIEND: Big Fella (phew, it took a while, but I found him in the end)
C-CHORE YOU HATE: Putting grocery shopping away
D-DAD'S NAME: Donald
F-FAVE ACTRESS: Joan Cusack (only 'cos she's John's sister and I love John)
G-GOLD OR SILVER: In the absence of platinum, silver!
H-HOMETOWN: London, but don't live there at the mo'
I-INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: Guitar, 'cello, steel drums, recorder (descant)
J-JOB TITLE: Official: Senior AS400 Developer. Unofficial: Generic corporate drone
K-KIDS: None
L-LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Alone *sob* - but not for long we hope!
M-MOM'S NAME: Sylvia
N-# OF MEN YOU'VE SLEPT WITH: x, where x is an integer
P-PHOBIA: Vomit, heights, circular slices of carrot
Q-QUOTE YOU LIKE: "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here", "You do the math, girlfriend" or "Stick a broom up me jacksy and I'll sweep the floor while I'm at it!"
S-SIBLINGS: One brother and two sisters, all elder
U-UNIQUE HABIT: very bendy fingers
W-WORST HABIT: Belching extremely loudly
X-X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Several, all of my broken finger (fell off motorbike), plus about a million of my teeth!

I'm baa-ack!

Hi fellow Bloggers and readers of Blogs - did you miss me? Thought not...

I had a great week in the Peaks - I even got to use those sunglasses! Some of the highlights were:

Some of the low points were:

Am now back at "work" and have moved desk to an area where there are (shock, horror!) other people, so this *might* mean that my blogging antics are a little more subdued. We'll see.

Bye for now, oh faithful readers

Friday, October 03, 2003

Thank the Lord for Sports Soccer ... and other things

Kangol zip top - £15
LA Gear zip top - £8
Donnay trainer socks (6 pairs) - £4
Sunglasses - £3

Keeping Witho happy - priceless

There are some things money can't buy
For everything else there's Sports Soccer
(or H&M... or TK Maxx...)

Over the last few months I've realised that Sports Soccer is one of the best shops ever. Okay, so it's a little bit "council", but I suppose deep down, being from Walthamstow, so am I - which is probably why it appeals to me...

There are a variety of reasons for all this blatant consumerism:

So, dear readers (all one of you...), you won't hear from me for a week as I bask in the drizzle and gloom of Derbyshire (I bought sunglasses - expect rain...). I may sneak to an Internet café, though the friends with whom I'm going up there don't know about the blog, and, as previously advised, my basic Blogger account won't let me do flash things like Moblogging... (I *will* change over to Typepad one day, honest Billy!)

Meanwhile, the big fella will be having a stressful time as evil OFSTED inspectors "observe" him doing the job he loves... Biggy, if you're reading this (which you won't be - unlike the rest of us, you spend most of your day working and NOT at a PC!), I'm thinking of you - see you next Friday...

Bye for now fellow bloggers - I may post again before we leave for Derbyshire, but if not, enjoy your week!

Oh, and leave me some bleedin' comments, I feel like Witho-no-mates at the moment!


Zen thought of the day

Our life and death are the same thing. When we realize this fact, we have no fear of death nor actual difficulty in our life.

Shunryu Suzuki

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Thank the Lord for H&M

Dear Witho

Are you absolutely sure that you needed to buy 5 new tops this lunchtime?

Love Witho

Another "gadget-based" saga...

A potted history of my MP3 player:

Bought MP3 player from Amazon (6 months ago)
Loved it!
USB cable stopped working a few weeks ago
Tried to get replacement from any number of appropriate outlets
No such cable appears to exist in the Western World - it is clearly a figment of my imagination
Went to Amazon website which recommended contacting manufacturer
Contacted crazy Korean manufacturer
Was told I had to pay for said cable (the bank charges for the bank transfer would far outweigh the value of the cable)
Was disgruntled
Contacted Amazon
Was told to send the whole thing back in original package to get a replacement

Now, I don't need to replace the whole thing, I just want a new cable. What a load of rigmarole!

So for the last few weeks I've been listening only to Talk Talk (incidentally, one of the most under-rated groups of the 80s IMHO so it's not so bad...) without being able to change it. And if I do send the whole thing back (which I suspect I shall have to) I'll be without my musical accompaniment for several days. How will I cope?


Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Dear Witho

Stop sitting with your legs in funny positions. You know it gives you pins and needles, and then when you try and walk to the coffee machine your legs don't work properly and you look like a fool. However, since you usually look like a fool anyway, I don't suppose this makes any difference. I'll shut up now....

Love Witho

Office life....

Here's my desk mascot, on Tilesey's blog. He's having a bit of a bickering session with Elsie over whose desk mascot is the cutest.

Hah, I may not be able to post my own photos, but I can make Tilesey put them on his blog and link to them! Cool....

The evil is in the complexity

Once upon a time, my colleagues and I went for a pleasant pub lunch. On the table adjacent to us was a lone man who looked to be perfectly normal.

We went about our lunchtimely business - which mostly consisted of lard consumption and beverage imbibement, peppered with lively gibbering about a random selection of topics.

Suddenly, the aforementioned lone man got up, threw what looked like some sort of tarot card on our table, and declared:

"There's no getting through to some people"

He then stormed out of the pub, turning at the last minute to say:

"The evil is in the complexity"

That was cool - he was clearly a complete nutjob. Hence, or otherwise, I have changed the description of my blog to reflect his closing pearl of wisdom...

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