Thursday, October 30, 2003

Happy Witho!

Big Fella's coming down to Southampton tonight, once he's got back from Italy, returned home, replaced contents of suitcase and jumped on a train. So that makes Witho a happy Witho, as per photo below: (apologies to Rosie and Tilesey who won't see this, but you can see my happy, smug face anyway just by wandering around the office...)

Happy Witho

Billy, on the right hand side you might just be able to see my pink streak. Don't think the highlights show up very well though...

I've discovered that my camera-phone-attachment thingy works best in broad daylight, otherwise everything looks orangey-red (as below). This one at least shows my deathly pale complexion (just one of the reasons I get accused of being a goth on quite a regular basis).

Shower curtain (in the background) from Habitat.

Also happy as my double glazing has been installed this week so I have nice new windows and my flat is snuggly and warm in readiness for even more snuggly warmth when the BF turns up tonight. It's great not being single anymore, I was there for a long time (longer than I care to mention)....

Smugness over for now


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