Monday, October 20, 2003


Morning blogosphere! This weekend I have mostly:

The dirty weekend was a great success - I can of course now reveal that we spent it in a cosy cottage on the Kent Coast. All went to plan - picked the BF up from school (he was spotted in my car by at least one of his pupils), whisked him off, but then had to tell him where we were going as we headed out of London, as I'm a hopeless navigator, particularly if I'm trying to drive at the same time (d'oh!). Once there, we enjoyed sunny cliff-based walks and windy beach-based walks, fish and chips and plenty of lurrrve. It was great.

My hair is now sporting its new look after Friday morning's mammoth session. As planned, I introduced contrast by combining the new streaks with a semi-permanent colour to reinstate my natural raven. I also had some layers put in (this is a big thing for me, I have had one-length hair for something like 14 years!) and, as previously advised, saw what my hair could look like given half an hour, a diffuser attachment and a gel-based hair unguent!

Other than that, found some interesting job possibilities in Saturday's paper, so will be following those up this week. The grindstone continues for the moment though....

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