Thursday, October 23, 2003


I was just sitting there writing an e-mail to a recruitment agent which included the following phrase:

"I will soon be relocating to South East London..."

Re-reading this simple phrase to myself sent my stomach a-fluttering. I've been talking about this for some time, but actually writing it down officially made it seem more real. Yes, I'm actually going to leave this place. I've worked here for over 5 years - it's going to be strange to work and live somewhere else. But times they are a-changing for the better - I'm going with the flow...

I came down here 5 years ago looking for a fresh start. My previous job was based around the then boyfriend (as previously advised, I have been known, rightly or wrongly, to base major career decisions around relationships), who became the ex-boyfriend (his choice, not mine), leaving me wondering what the hell I was doing in Brussels on my own, far away from friends and family.

So coming down here was on my terms and I was determined to make it work. It did work for a couple of years - my career progressed, I enjoyed my job, I made some wonderful friends (with whom I fully intend to maintain contact from my new abode), I bought my own flat (which still has approximately the same amount of untapped "potential" as it had when I first moved in... oops!) and bumbled along quite nicely. I don't really know when or why things changed, but I think I've just reached a point where I don't want to go any further within this organisation. It's time to move on...

Yes, the Big Fella has had a part to play - he has acted as a catalyst in my leaving, but is not the sole cause. I had already started applying for jobs long before he came on the scene (honest!).

I just need to find a job now! The sooner I can hand over that letter of resignation, (which I've been drafting in my head for a long time now!) the better...

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