Friday, October 03, 2003

Thank the Lord for Sports Soccer ... and other things

Kangol zip top - £15
LA Gear zip top - £8
Donnay trainer socks (6 pairs) - £4
Sunglasses - £3

Keeping Witho happy - priceless

There are some things money can't buy
For everything else there's Sports Soccer
(or H&M... or TK Maxx...)

Over the last few months I've realised that Sports Soccer is one of the best shops ever. Okay, so it's a little bit "council", but I suppose deep down, being from Walthamstow, so am I - which is probably why it appeals to me...

There are a variety of reasons for all this blatant consumerism:

So, dear readers (all one of you...), you won't hear from me for a week as I bask in the drizzle and gloom of Derbyshire (I bought sunglasses - expect rain...). I may sneak to an Internet café, though the friends with whom I'm going up there don't know about the blog, and, as previously advised, my basic Blogger account won't let me do flash things like Moblogging... (I *will* change over to Typepad one day, honest Billy!)

Meanwhile, the big fella will be having a stressful time as evil OFSTED inspectors "observe" him doing the job he loves... Biggy, if you're reading this (which you won't be - unlike the rest of us, you spend most of your day working and NOT at a PC!), I'm thinking of you - see you next Friday...

Bye for now fellow bloggers - I may post again before we leave for Derbyshire, but if not, enjoy your week!

Oh, and leave me some bleedin' comments, I feel like Witho-no-mates at the moment!


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