Monday, November 24, 2003

Grindstone news

Yes, it's back to the proverbial grindstone. I've successfully avoided any work thus far by trawling through the stack of e-mails which accumulated during my absence, mostly relating to multifarious Christmas lunches - which is nice. I shall now waste more time by relating some facts about last week's holiday:

Fact 1: Coupledoms get better rooms in holiday cottages! This was one of my major bones of contention as a singleton and could be the subject of a post all of its own. Essentially, as a singleton, you tend to get put in a bunk bed, or on a sofa bed on the landing, but as a coupledom you get a nice double room, possibly with ensuite facilities. I could go on all day about singletons not being valued by society, etc etc etc. I was there for a long time, remember! Don't even get me started on Ikea's "anti-singleton" régime!

Fact 2: Witho's skin and stomach object to water from a borehole! The cottage wasn't on mains water, and whilst this is supposed to be purer, Witho's constitution was not happy with it at all, and I had to resort to bottled water for drinking. The number of spots on my face was also testament to my need for chemically enhanced water... that's my excuse anyway...

Fact 3: Tennis is great. The cottage had a tennis court on site and most days were dry so we got lots of tennis in.

Fact 4: My brother and brother-in-law look very silly playing "Dancing Stage Megamix" on the PS2

Fact 5: Wigs rule! And I look very silly in a blond wig (see Moblog, though you can't actually see it very well!)

Fact 6: I am the queen of the PS2 "Eye toy" dancing game!!!!! All these little characters came up on the stage to bow down before my dancing prowess!

Those are just some of the facts - there are clearly too many to relate. Suffice it to say, a great time was had by all. The big fella was accepted into the Witho "clan", my two and a half year old nephew even drove his toy train along BF's arm to show his approval. That is indeed an honour!

P.S. Welcome back Billy - we missed you!
P.P.S. I saw this film last night - I can thoroughly recommend it. Ample opportunity to laugh at Americans, but also stuff to warm the cockles of your heart...

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