Friday, November 21, 2003

It's okay everyone, I'm back!

Everyone else: "Back from where? Did you go somewhere?"

Ah, you didn't miss me then... ah well.

Minnow and Simon decided to use my absence to have a slanging match about the use of asterisks (see post below). Cool!

Well, I had a lovely holiday in Dorset - have just got back home and still have a whole weekend to recover from holiday before going back to "work". And the big fella's coming down tonight...

I told work that I would consider working from the London office on a short term basis and they're going to see what they can do. In the meantime, I need to decide what my new career is going to be!

Please feel free to use the comments to make suggestions!

Will blog more about holiday later, I've got some sorting out to do right now

Bye for now


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