Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I've been and gone and done it!

Witho, approaching M's "pod": "Hi M, have you got a minute"

M: "Of course Witho"

Witho: "I've got something for you"

*opens meeting book to reveal letter and hands letter to M*

M, looking a bit shocked: "Let's go somewhere private"


Yes, I resigned this morning. At the time, I was a nervous wreck. Feel relieved and happy now. I've just made a change in my life, and it will be a change for the better. Had quite a nice chat with M (my manager) - he was very understanding, and said if I can think of anything they can do to make me stay, to let him know. He suggested that I might be able to work from the London office, either in my current capacity or doing something different. It's something to bear in mind, although psychologically I think I need a break from the company.

When I returned to my desk, my mobile rang - it was a job agency saying they were interested in my cv, but that I should apply nearer the time when I'm available since I'm applying for temporary jobs which need to be filled very quickly. He seemed very positive that they would be able to find me a job, so that was nice.

Everyone has been very supportive. I was a bit worried about my family's reaction, as I've always been the silly one who does silly things (I *am* the youngest, that's my job!), but they're all behind me and wishing me well.

Big Fella - I know you probably won't read this today, and I've said it already, but Happy Anniversary babe....

*wanders off serenely*
*wanders back less serenely to press "Publish" button - d'oh!*

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