Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Thursday Digest

Job news:

So keen are my employers for me NOT to leave, they have suggested that I work for a 3 month trial period from the London Regional Office. This approach has the following advantages (cue, bulleted list):

The disadvantage, as previously advised, is that I was expecting to leave [insert company name] and had kind of psyched myself up for that. Also, the reason for my leaving is not *purely* geographical (though clearly this is a major concern...), but I suppose all I'm doing is sorting out the geography first, then giving myself time to consider the rest.

All in all, I think this is a pragmatic solution - as does the BF.

Holiday news:

Yes, Witho is off on holiday again! This time a family-centric cottage holiday in Dorset (rather than friend-centric as per the previous one). Big Fella will get to meet the rest of my rabble (he's already met my sister and her "Small Fella") but he's only there for the initial weekend, while the rest of us are there for the whole week - *sigh* one day me and BF will go on holiday for a whole week (or maybe more!), but that means going during school holidays which costs approximately a ga-zillion of your Earth pounds, so I've heard!

Anyway, I'm off work tomorrow because I'm driving up to the Big Fella's tonight to get me some unrestrained loving prior to driving the two of us to the cottage - where the loving is likely to be a little more restrained due to the presence of, like, my entire family...

The consequence of this is that I'm unlikely to be posting for about a week so you'll just have to do without me! Maybe I'll send some pics to the moblog though - check it out, it's suffering from a distinct lack of commentary and might just cry if you don't go and say hello!


There is no news relating to pineapples today

I think that's all for now

*sits and ponders on a pic she can get kev to draw of/for her....*

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