Sunday, November 02, 2003

Weekends are too short!

Big Fella's gone back to London, leaving a sad little* Witho sloping about in her lonely (but warm and snuggly - thanks double glazing!) flat. We had a great weekend:

Any parts of weekend not mentioned above were spent doing things that long distance couples do when they haven't seen eachother for 2 weeks....

I have decided that the Big Fella has a syndrome which I have named "Obsessive Percussive disorder", whereby he feels the need to "drum along" with any given piece of music which may be playing at any given time (even if it's crap), using implements which he finds at his disposal - e.g. a pen on a book, his fingers on the steering wheel of my car as I'm driving along (he was quite taken with the sound this emitted! Strange boy).

I'd better go now - posting from home, so this is costing me money!


* Witho is only "little" relative to the Big Fella, or similar persons taller than 5ft10in...

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