Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Bullet blog...

Well, my lovely BF arrived on Monday night - whilst waiting for him at the station there were millions of cretins around. I then realised that there was a big match at St Mary's which explained their presence. Anyway, after the inevitable snogging, we settled down to watch "Jay and Silent Bob strike back" - being a fan of Kevin Smith, it seemed inevitable that I would watch it eventually, though I nearly boycotted it because it looked too "Hollywood". It was nice to see Randall and Dante and the Quick Stop grocery store in colour! It was a very silly film with large doses of schoolboy humour (making the BF guffaw with laughter) but managed to retain the clever dialogues for which Kevin Smith is reknowned.

I've applied for the Wimbledon public ballot! I'm well excited, man! I'm too old to do the old "queueing overnight" gambit, so thought I'd go for the civilised, if a little expensive, option. Probably won't get any tickets though - will have to join my tennis club again to get another chance as they have a Wimbledon ticket draw as well...

I've worked out the problem with my MP3 player, and there is no problem with it. The problem lies with my PC USB port. I installed the software on BF's laptop and connected it and it worked fine. I suspected as much. Sorry Amazon, I sent you back an MP3 player in perfect working order... d'oh!

My mission for today, should I choose to accept it, is to:

That's about it


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