Monday, December 29, 2003

Chrimbo - the not-very-well-edited highlights

Well, I'm back in Southampton for the next few days, getting ready for my move up to London. No work for me until next Monday, when I shall burst into my firm's London office and screech "It's okay, Witho's here" into the waiting ears of my new colleagues. Or alternatively, I shall walk meekly into the office, say "Hello, I'm Witho, I believe you've been expecting me" and be stared at for a bit - but mostly ignored - by my new colleagues...

Anyway, I suppose I should relay some of the events of the last week or so

19th December was my last day at the Southampton Office. I ended up sending an e-mail round to the whole department, probably in direct contravention of my Manager's wishes, but I wanted people to know that I was going and that I would miss my Southampton-based interactions - which I will! I got a lot of good wishes in response to my mail, and my line manager came rushing up and gave me a card signed by my "team". I was starting to blub as I walked out of those revolving doors for the last time. The BF was waiting for me outside to give me a big hug, which only served to make the tears flow more readily - you know how it is when you're feeling a bit teary and someone's nice to you which makes you even more teary and then they're even nicer to you because you're all teary and then you're in the crying cycle and you can't stop? Well, it was kind of like that... but I just about held it together and we walked home together...

I think I'm right in saying that we saw "The Return of the King" that night. It was nice that the film finally reached a satisfactory conclusion, but my buttocks were not happy after that 3 hour stint. It reminded me of the days when I used to ride pillion on my evil French ex's motorbike. After a couple of hours on the bike, all you can think about is the pain in your buttocks... no amount of shuffling about at red traffic lights can make any difference, it just becomes pure agony...

Anyway, here's the rest of Christmas handily condensed into some neat bullet points:

I'm just off to paint my toenails
My moblog is playing up at the moment - poxy thing


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