Wednesday, December 17, 2003


I'm lacking in inspiration for my blog at the moment. I think it's because when I started reading other blogs and thinking that I wanted one, I was a singleton, at war with the world, and could identify with some of the more angst-ridden blogs out there. I felt that if I had a blog, I would have a lot to say on a regular basis...

As it turned out, I started the blog when I'd already stopped being single and started being at peace with the cruel world which, until then, had denied me happiness for so long (not that I'd want to be melodramatic or anything...).

Which leads on to the inevitable question - why do I blog?

A number of reasons spring to mind, but all of them are problematic:

I just sometimes wonder what it's all for. The main effect blogging has had on my life is to make me even less productive at work and feel more guilty for being less productive. It's not as if the things I blog about are things that I don't discuss with anyone else. In fact, most - if not all - of my posts are things that I've discussed (either before or after posting) with the Big Fella. We talk about *absolutely* everything, so it's not as if I need another "outlet"...

I read a thing about blogging via Pinky's blog (can't be bothered to put a link in right now) which said that Bloggers cannot claim to be blogging for themselves and in a way I can see what he means. If you were doing it just for yourself, why not just type it all in a Word Document stored on your own PC, or hand write it in a diary (an innovative idea Witho - oh, hang on, people have been doing that for years). Why do I feel the need to publish it in this public yet strangely anonymous forum? (Well, I am strangely anonymous, as are the "characters" who feature in my blog, though I realise that not everyone is as cagey about it...)

I'm just confused about why I do it, frustrated at my need for approval and the time that I spend blogging. But I don't expect it will stop me....

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