Friday, December 12, 2003

Lunchtime is for... er... lunch!

I have long maintained that, in the world of 9-5 office work, lunchtimes are sacred and should be used for eating lunch, catching up with friends and generally chilling and forgetting about work for an hour. I have long bemoaned the lunchtime excuses of colleagues, who claim to have "chores" to attend to. I would think to myself "how come I don't have any chores to attend to?". Not that I was jealous of their so-called chores, I just wondered why people didn't do these chores at other times - e.g. the weekend - thus freeing themselves up for a relaxing lunch hour.

I'm starting to realise. Now that I have a life (i.e. the Big Fella), I'm finding myself devoting my weekends to BF-based activities, leaving me no time for things like:

so recently I've found myself going against my own principles; joining the lunchtime throng of faceless drones, being pulled into the surging mass of peopledom through malls, up escalators, in and out of brightly lit shops. I must say, I'm not happy with this development. I find myself drained and almost giddy with exhaustion after these lunchtime forays. TK Maxx is just not "do-able" in one hour - three is the average for me (and no, I'm probably *not* joking!). Sports Soccer is a shambles at the best of times - but lunchtimes are utterly hopeless. H&M is similar to TK Maxx in its requirement for "rummaging" time, whilst Cinnabons just taste better at weekends... or something...

Anyway, the upshot is that, particularly with Christmas fast approaching and all the extra chores that entails, I have been spending far too many lunch hours scuttling around town and not enjoying what should be my "break" from the tediousness and despair of my job.

There just aren't enough hours in the day *sigh*

Anyway, last night's Christmas curry was a pretty sedate affair for a change. I *did* wear the boob tube, though felt *extremely* self conscious and at first refused to take my pashmina off! I do have photographic evidence though, which may feature on here over the next few days if I feel brave...

Now, excuse me while I go off and panic about Christmas present buying...

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