Monday, December 08, 2003


"The KP&M world record was smashed this weekend, as Witho spent an unprecedented £5.18 on loose sweets at Woolie Woofters. Witho said "I couldn't have done it without the Big Fella's contribution of two enormous jelly sweets in the shape of monster flies". The Big Fella's mouth was too full of KP&M to comment...."

Yes, readers, on our way back home from playing tennis, we stopped off at Woolie Woofters and let's just say things got a bit out of hand (out of the hand, into the pick 'n' mix bag!). The Big Fella even started putting "adult" pick 'n' mix items into the bag! I mean, what kind of crazy world are we living in, where things like this are allowed to happen?

Other weekend activities:

Also made the Big Fella watch another of my favourite films, Clerks and he was lovin' it, as I knew he would.

Right, I'm off to check out various blogs to find out what happened on Saturday at Billy's Jeans... catch ya later!

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