Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Pick 'n' mix news

I have long been a fan of Woolworth's (or "Woolie Woofters" as I call them) Kids Pick 'n' Mix (hereinafter referred to as KP&M). The white chocolate mice, the candy shrimps, the jelly babies, those little ice-cream-cone shaped creamy things, mmmmm. Okay, it may be the most expensive way to buy sweets in Christendom, but that doesn't seem to deter me....

Anyway, over the weekend, I was in Superdrug with the Big Fella and he pointed out their Pick 'n' Mix display, knowing I was a fan of the "loose sweet" culture. Whilst at first I rejected the very idea, my blinkered mind thinking: "not Woolie Woofters, does not compute", I was soon drawn to the pretty colours and shapes like a moth to a flame, and found myself, bag in one hand, scoop in the other, facing this array of marvels.

I was impressed by the sheer variety of sweets available. As well as the standard-issue sweets one comes to expect (the aforementioned white mice and jelly babies), there were a number of previously unknown confectionery products which certainly captured my imagination. I spent over three pounds (yes readers, three pounds!) on a bag of these wonders. My enthusiasm was not dampened on consumption - they "ate" very well indeed and had the desired effect of making one feel ever so slightly nauseous.

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