Monday, December 01, 2003


Which brand of consumer are you?

I've always been difficult to pigeonhole, as the results of this quiz clearly show....

Subtle shopper

You believe in the good life [okay, you got that bit right, but who would believe in the "bad" life?]. Your cooking is exemplary [hmmm, it's an example of some cooking - does that make it exemplary?], prepared in a hi-tech kitchen stuffed with Smeg, Alessi and Phillippe Starck appliances [I wish! - you haven't seen my kitchen, have you?]. The rest of the house is furnished from Heal's and the Conran shop [or maybe Ikea, hand-me-downs and junk shop finds... a couple of (cheap) things from Habitat]. You love sushi and fine wines [lies, lies, lies], bought from the Tesco Finest range and the local deli [I'll let you get away with that]. You wear Paul Smith, Joseph and Armani, Agnes B and Nicole Farhi [I've got a Nicole Farhi skirt, but it was 25 quid from TK Maxx - does that count?], but with the odd flash of ostentation - a Prada handbag or Jimmy Choo shoes [nope]. Make-up is from Space NK [we don't have that in Southampton]. You drive a Saab or Mercedes [actually, a "gold" Renault Clio - though I prefer to think of it as "metallic mustard"]. You're highly literate [I can read, and I'm tall - does that make me highly literate?], reading Martin Amis, Simon Schama and Margaret Atwood [never read any of these]. And you pay for it all on your charity credit card [switch is my friend - credit cards are dangerous...].

Found on Blue Witch...

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