Friday, January 30, 2004

Fingers crossed - I think I may have fixed it...

After having installed anti-virus software and a firewall, it *looks* like I may have fixed the problem...

You know, I really should work in IT.... oh, hang on....

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Witho - interrupted...

Sorry guys, we are experiencing disruption to Dear Witho this morning due to Witho being at home with a nasty cold and BF's laptop still being a bag o'shite. What this means is I can read your comments only via the haloscan website and can edit *your* comments, but can't make any of my own. Great innit?

Here's what BF did last night:

La Witho wakes up and sees BF sitting up on the edge of the bed, looking like he's about to get up...

Witho:What are you doing?
BF:*looks bewildered* Errrr, being a queer *gets back into bed and snuggles up to la Witho*

BF has no recollection of this occurrence.

Anyway, have a nice day kids!


Wednesday, January 28, 2004


oh, and click here to see my new "About Witho" page! Link also on sidebar...

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Boring stuff you may not know about la Witho

piercings = 2 in each ear - no longer used to their full potential
tattoos = none, but am thinking about it
height = 5'10"
shoe size = 7
hair color = Dark brown
eye colour = Dark brown
siblings = 1 brother, 2 sisters, all older/elder (anyone know the difference/which is correct?)

movie you rented = Haven’t rented a movie for so long, have forgotten
movie you bought = Serendipity (feat. John Cusack – the only reason I bought it…)
song you listened to = Some nameless euphoric track on my MP3 player
cd you bought = hmmm, possibly Francis Cabrel – Hors Saison
cd you listened to = “Electric” – compilation of 80s synth classics
person you've called = the Big Fella (does texted count?)
person that's called you = the Big Fella (see above)
tv show you've watched = BBC Breakfast
Person you were thinking of = Big Fella
friend you made = probably someone on the hinterweb
enemy you made = probably someone on the hinterweb

you have a crush on someone = Cusack, Theroux
you wish you could live somewhere else = Yes, not London
you think about suicide = no
you believe in online dating = yes, it has worked for people I know
others find you attractive = apparently
you want more piercings = possibly
you drink = not alcohol except for the odd glass of Champagne – yes, I know I’m a freak
you do drugs = no
you smoke = only in my dreams
you like cleaning = no, but I like the results when it’s done
you like roller coasters = I used to
you write in cursive or print = joindy up

food = most foods – pasta and cheese would be hard to live without
song = that is impossible to answer overall, but yesterday my favourite was “Smalltown Boy” (Bronski beat) when it came on
thing to do = snuggle in bed with BF
thing to talk about = anything that I can speak knowledgeably about (i.e. not a lot) – food probably
sports = tennis rules, netball rocks
drinks = tea (builders'), “proper” coffee, water, orange and pineapple squash (for tennis)!
clothes = any garment which makes me feel good about myself
movies = Kevin Smith films, most French films, most Cusack films, arthouse nonsense
singer = Chris Martin (Coldplay) at the mo’
holiday = any holiday is good – not working is good

ever cried over a girl = yes
ever cried over a boy = yes
ever lied to someone = yes
ever been in a fist fight = no
ever been arrested = yes

funny = in the peculiar way, certainly
hot = in the temperature way, yes
friendly = yes, though I don’t always give this impression, apparently
amusing = to certain people…
ugly = no
loveable = yes
caring = yes
sweet = yes
dorky = yes

As seen at Ro's

What else?

Textamerica moblog seems to be working again so you've finally got rid of the pic of me in the zebra stripe boob tube. Phew! Now you'll have to make do with my evil eye until I manage to take any more decent pics with this god-forsaken phone...


BF's laptop has a virus - the Welchia worm. We ran a tool which appeared to fix it, but it looks like it may have come back again. This explains the problems we were having with blogging/comments etc. Anyone else had this? (You get an error message saying "svchost.exe has generated an error...", links don't work, copy/paste won't work, everything goes a bit mental, etc etc)

Monday, January 26, 2004

A mixed bag

Not sure where to start on today's post, I have rather a lot to say...

Maybe a chronological approach would be best...

On Friday, a job advert caught my eye and captured my imagination. Both eye and imagination were imprisoned for several hours within the clutches of the job advert, but finally, with the help of lots of lube, I managed to free them... Anyway, I digress...

This job - it's a *nice* job. I'm not going to reveal the details as yet, but the features of this job are as follows:

All of this from a simple job advert! So this has set me back on the path to resignation again. If you remember, I did actually resign from this job in November having no job to go to, but was offered the compromise of working from the London Office, meaning that me and the BF could be together. The effect of working from the London Office has been as follows:

What's clear to me is that this is not the life I want for myself. I can't do this job any more. Period.

Ultimately, if I resign now, I am in no worse position than I was in November. The experiment with working from London hasn't worked. Time to move on....

Everything's up in the air. I'm confused, scared, all over the shop.

I have drafted a(nother) letter of resignation. I need to decide if/when this one will be sent...

Weekend digest
Curry, film (Dogma), mouldy crumpets - reject!, toast with Nutella, Thai food, Sainsbury's, wraps with grilled halloumi, houmous and salad (a Witho speciality), film (Lost in Translation), non-mouldy crumpets - mmmm!, TK Maxx, 11 items - 125 quid, walk, burger, bed, oversleep...

Further details

The TK Maxx hoard included the following items:

Monday morning

The Big Fella set his alarm for a few minutes earlier this morning, so that he could get his bus pass from the shop. Or, should I say, the Big Fella thought he'd set his alarm for a few minutes earlier this morning... He'd actually set it to go off at 6pm - a classic Monday morning error... We discovered this as I woke up at 6.50am and just *knew* that something wasn't right. I tapped the big fella, and told him to look at the clock just in case I had read it wrong. He immediately jumped out of bed and said some naughty rude words. To calm him down, I regaled him with tales of his sleep-based antics, typical examples being:

Last night, he added a new activity to his repertoire: turning on his front and drumming on the pillow with his hands whilst muttering incoherently.

Bless 'im...

I'll shut up now

Saturday, January 24, 2004


Dear BF's laptop

Why will you not allow me to see the comment threads on mine or Ron's blogs, yet you *will* allow me to see them on, for example, Blue Witch's blog which uses the same commenting tool? Furthermore, why is this blog posting window all different from how it looks at work. La Witho is confused... but that's by no means unusual

Good day to you

Love Witho

The upshot of this is, you can comment all you like, but la Witho won't be able to read or respond until she gets back to "work" on Monday... Furthermore, la Witho will have to spend hours and hours catching up with the no doubt rampant comment-fest which is Ron's World.

Laters people

Friday, January 23, 2004

It's getting hot in here....

Well, looks like controversy is Witho's friend, as yesterday saw a record number of comments on Dear Witho! Not many of them related to the post, granted, but all comments are welcome here (except as previously advised...), I'm just an ol' slapper, gawd bless me!

Now, today I think I'm going to cover a topic which I haven't covered for... oh, minutes! Yes, my current preoccupation with public transport shows no signs of abating.

For two days running, I came ambling out of the flat to find a bus just leaving my bus stop! Yes, readers, leaving, without me on it! I mean, what kind of world are we living in where this sort of thing is allowed to happen? Granted, I didn't actually look at the bus timetable to see when the bus was due (and as it happened, on both occasions the bus was on time)... but when will these buses realise, they are there for my convenience? They could have at least given me a call or something... Anyway, this morning, I beat them at their own game, and arrived at the bus stop (quite by chance) before the due time, thus enabling me to board the bus when it arrived. Ha! That'll teach 'em! I was very pleased with myself... One day, I might get used to this public transport lark...

So, the day starts well, I get the bus and get to the station earlier so that I can board the fast non-stopping train. That was the plan... Trouble is, the fast non-stopping train had actually managed to get itself wedged a couple of minutes *behind* the slow (no need for [del] here!) train (running along the same track), and stopped as many - if not more - times as the slow one.

So, this train doesn't stop open its doors until Waterloo East, and by this time, I'm never going to get to work on time. So I do the old "I'm-already-late-so-I-may-as-well-be-bloody-late" trick, and as if by magic, I'm walking through Waterloo Station and what do I see? A Paperchase... Now, the medication has really helped and everything, but ultimately I'll always be addicted to purveyors of fine stationery - and boy, Paperchase is top of the heap! So I bought a kitsch little notepad with a picture of a lion (for my sister's birthday) and a writing book with all different sorts of lined/squared/graph paper inside which I nearly came on, I was so excited!

Have I revealed too much here?

In other news

Dear Witho

Do you think you'll ever get any "work" done ever again now that you've discovered Ron's chat room and seem to have become one yourself?

Love Witho

Thursday, January 22, 2004

.... continued

I'm off home now, but the comments are still coming in!
Here's a new thread ladies - off you go...

"We'll have no trouble here..." (in the style of "League of Gentlemen" shopkeeper)

*draws shaky line under yesterday's débacle*

We apologise for the interruption to the normal 24*7 availability of Dear Witho. This was due to circumstances which are more fully and eloquently described in Ron's analysis of what is now known as "Black Wednesday", which unfortunately spilled over into the normally peaceful (or some might say dull) world of La Witho for reasons which are still somewhat of a mystery. I should have known it was a bad day when they tried to fob me off with a skinny latte - I clearly asked for semi-skimmed!

Not to worry, the tears are now dry, the dust has settled and been whisked away with a feather'd stick, the comments thread has been wiped clean (so anyone who wishes to probe for gossip will be disappointed), and is open again.

So come, with your tales, your ideas, your opinions and your witty retorts - but leave the personal insults at the door please, along with your muddy boots, they are not welcome here... Again, Ron's guidelines for commenting are equally relevant here, and Witho herself has taken careful note after her unwitting foray into comment warfare...


Now, onto another subject, I have noticed that my blog looks different from different PCs. From my work PC, the sidebar is about 2.5 inches wide, thus neatly containing the links therein, while from the BF's laptop, from my home PC and from the Blogger preview window, it's about 5 inches wide, most of which is a white "void", and looks, frankly, a bit crap. La Witho is keen on aesthetics, you see.

So, what do you see? Do you know why this is? Is there anything I can do to ensure that Dear Witho appears consistently, or does it depend entirely on the configuration of the PC which is viewing the blog?

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Comments currently closed due to "issues"

And the winner was....

... Julia! Go and check out her blog. Nice looking, nicely written... And reading back through her entries it appears that Julia has recently met a soulmate who lives in London (while she lives by the coast) and is considering a career change, possibly going into teaching... sound familiar? She also likes shoes, Elsie! Some of you may know her already, as she links to some familiar names...

Other blog news

I am very honoured to have been the perpetrator of Blue Witch's "2nd favourite quote of the day" yesterday. I would like to thank the Big Fella, my agent, my producer *sobs*, without whom... [etc etc]

Note: This post has been edited in the light of the events of Black Wednesday

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Just one more visitor needed...

... and then I'm up to 3,000!

New skills

Thanks to Blue Witch, Ron (whose blog, incidentally, appears to have become some sort of chat room - pop in, who needs MSN?) and Andy, I can now do numbered lists and strikethrough. This post will therefore demonstrate my newfoundskills (a bit like Newfoundland, but involving skills rather than land).

*tries to think of something to blog which would need a numbered list...*

Oh yeah, I'm thinking of selling my flat in Southampton which would earn me a tidy profit. Trouble is, I'm on a fixed rate mortgage which doesn't run out until July. Do I:

  1. Sell now, and pay the early redemption fee
  2. Wait until July

The trouble is, I'm currently paying for a home I'm not living in [added bit] and may be out of work for a while (planning on taking the summer off entirely) [end of added bit]. I suppose I should "do the math [sic] (girlfriend)" - find out what the penalty would be, weigh it up against paying x months mortgage repayments for keeping the place until July. And before you say it, I've thought about renting the place out, but it would require some investment to get it up to scratch, and I would need to put all my stuff in some sort of storage (no room at our London pad...). Maybe I should also include that as an option though... Too much for la Witho to think about.

Also, I'm still trying to work out what my new career should be. My current career is corporate dogsbody Senior AS/400 iSeries Developer (see how I managed to sneak two lots of strikethrough in there! And I used [del] and not [s] Ron) but I'm up for a complete change. Have thought about (back to a bulleted list now):

Any other ideas welcome!

Quick train rant

Just because a train doesn't stop at every available station, it does not necessarily deserve the appellation "fast"...


If you're the 3000th visitor, please leave a comment!

Monday, January 19, 2004

Reasons to be cheerful

How do I do a numbered list?

Anyway, I was going to post about the fiasco which was my journey home on Friday evening, but decided that ranting about trains is starting to dominate my life (and blog) and it just doesn't help things to get better. So instead I shall enumerate some nice things:

Friday, January 16, 2004

Train Etiquette

Please note, the following rant applies *only* to the following scenario:

(i.e. the trains Witho gets to and from work every day)
On every other type of train journey, other people should be avoided at all costs....

Dear "certain people on train*"

I note your insistence on occupying the aisle seats on the train, when there is actually a seat available by the window or in the middle (if it's a 3 seat arrangement). I note also that *most* of you actually disembark at the terminus, and thus do not have the worry of "not-being-able-to-get-off" at the appropriate non-terminal station. I hope you will allow me to enumerate the disadvantages of your approach:

Love Witho

*this rant does not apply to the older "slam door" trains, where the rules do not apply due to doors/windows/seats being in a different configuration.

Can anyone shed any light on this behaviour? It seems to me so much more pragmatic to fill the seats from window to aisle, and I much prefer *not* to have people clambering all over me so would occupy a window seat out of preference. I'm also rather clumsy, so having to clamber over people to sit down is fraught with danger for me.

A quote for today, which strikes a chord with me

All religion begins with the cry "Help!"

William James

Today's "bag transfer" omission

Item with which to tie back hair for treadmilling

Today's example of the organised chaos that is La Witho

(Last night) Witho makes sandwiches for Friday lunch
(Friday morning) Witho leaves sandwiches in fridge

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Brilliant quote of the day from one of the guys here

"Simplification is a very complicated process" (said with a straight face)


Hmmm, the fascinating title of this post reflects the fact that I'm somewhat lacking in inspiration today.

Yesterday, I was absolutely knackered. This meant that my method for dealing with the aforementioned "bag transfer" issue was not to bother going to the gym at all. Then, when I'd lugged (is this verb associated with the word "luggage" at all?) all the (clean, unused) gym stuff home again, I thought to myself "why didn't I just leave it at work, and avoid having the bag transfer issue all over again?". Sometimes I am such a dipstick.

Now, the BF has pointed out that there is a TK Maxx in Bexleyheath (i.e. near where we live!) and has indicated that I might be advised to go there on Saturday afternoon. Hmmm, could this have anything to do with him wanting to watch a certain football match in peace I wonder? The cheeky monkey! The thing is, the Maxx is normally a Sunday activity for me (fewer/less (which does one use for people? Are they an amorphous blob, or can one count them?) "other people" around - regular readers will know that I'm not always a fan of "other people", particularly when shopping...), so not sure how I'll fare on a Saturday... but I'll give it a go.

Today, my new "Larndon" colleagues are taking me out for lunch! Makes a change from the first couple of days where no-one spoke to me *sob*.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Having a birthday is like making love to a beautiful woman....

Happy birthday (and anniversary!) to Swiss Tony, ex-colleague, fellow coffee drinker and (very) occasional blogger. You know, if it hadn't been for Swiss's downright bullying behaviour (threatening to phone the BF himself if I didn't take any action...), I mightn't've (hmm, I'm liking that!) sent BF that text message all those months ago...

Swiss, if you pop in chez Witho:


This "going to the gym at work" lark, whilst practical in many ways, can lead to issues, caused by what I shall refer to as the "bag transfer" problem.

See, when I want to go to the gym, I have to bring various supplementary items which won't fit in my normal work bag. So I have to transfer the pertinent items from the work bag into the gym bag, opening a window of opportunity for omission.

Todays omissions (noted once I was too far from home to go back) were:


The "getting the early train" trick worked again today. "Getting a seat" is directly proportional to "being in a reasonable mood" in Witho's world.


Whilst I was languishing in the bath last night, BF remarked that I'm really getting into baths nowadays. Well, I also "get out of" them as well, eventually (ha bloody ha)... but anyway, a bit like the "cats or dogs" debate, is the "bath or shower" debate. (BTW, I'm a "cats" person, as probably previously advised/hinted at...).

As a child, baths were de rigueur in Witho's world, then when adolescence came along, showers featured more and more, eventually replacing the bath altogether, until recently that is. The BF's shower is not the best, and he favours the "soak" over the "squirt" (oo-er!) so I tend to follow suit and have a relaxing bath in the evening, and a very quick shower in the morning.

I think it's somewhat dictated by how good (or even how "existent"!) your shower is (in my Hampshire residence, we have a combi boiler and super-duper power shower, don't you know), but the determined showerer will find a way, even if the odds are stacked against them, in my view.

The odds were really stacked against me once, when I was lodging in this guy's house. He had a nice, powerful shower, but the surrounding "infrastructure" could not support it. Water would escape through the bathroom carpet (not a fan of carpets in the bathroom myself...) and rot the floorboards below. My landlord's solution to this was to "confiscate" the shower head for a week or so, giving the floorboards a chance to dry out. Trouble is, I wouldn't get any warning of this, and would get up in the morning, ready for a quick shower, only to find that the shower head was gone, and I would be forced to have a bath instead (with all the extra time that entails....) Baths in the morning - it just ain't right.... IMHO. So what's *your* humble opinion?

Comments... now fixed

Apparently, some people were experiencing errors due to my hiding the enetation comments. But Ron told me how to fix it - thanks Ron...

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The handbag mystery

During the working week, I carry quite a large shoulder bag around with me, which always appears to be full, and when trying to "audit" its contents, I find myself unable to exclude any of the items lurking within its murky depths, on account of them being needed for this or that eventuality.

However, at the weekend, the "cat bag" (as previously depicted on here) comes out, which is about the size of a CD, and an inch and a half deep. I somehow manage to still fit everything I need in it though, being:

So, the theory that whatever the size of the handbag, us ladies (and possibly you gents too, who knows?) manage to fill them to capacity with what seem to be essential items, certainly holds true for my good self.

Note to self: Buy smaller bag for work due to backache caused by volume of junk being lugged around...


Those of us "lucky" enough to be in London can get cute, tabloid-sized versions of the Times and the Independent. I don't usually buy newspapers, except for the Guardian which I shamelessly use to search for jobs, discarding any actual "news". Maybe that's why I'm so ignorant of current affairs (as you'll see from my blog, I rarely opine on such matters)...

Anyway, so taken was I on my first day of commuting when I saw someone reading a dinky little "Times", that I immediately went out and bought one the very next day, even though I *never* read the Times. Tell a lie, I must have read it at least once, about six years ago, as my current job was found courtesy of an inconspicuous looking advert therein!

So, I was chuffed to read in today's dinky "Independent" that there are, apparently, secret plans afoot to introduce a baby Grauniad! Does that mean that the currently tabloid-sized G2 section will be *even smaller*! A teenie-weenie job section! That would rule... And what about the "Guide" on Saturdays? Will that be scaled down as well? You'd need a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass to find out what's on at the cinema... Cool!

Commuting today

Some trains actually turned up
Got the earlier train
Got a seat - makes all the difference!

Am in a happier mood today... (BF: *heaves sigh of relief*)


Further to numerous complaints about Enetation (mostly from myself), I am trying out Haloscan comments. This means fewer amusing "smileys", but possibly more reliable commenting... we'll see. This also means that I've "hidden" all the current Enetation comments for the time being so all my previous posts look highly unpopular. Hmmm, so what's new?

Monday, January 12, 2004


Sometimes this world is too complicated for a Witho. I wanted crisps. Or potato chips if you're from the other side of the pond. Simple crisps. Thin slices of potato, fried in oil, doused in salt. That's all. Could I find any in any of the poncey food establishments around here? Could I 'eck as like.

I can't eat these so-called "Hand cooked" things (no brand names to be mentioned, but you must know the ones I mean). They hurt my gums, and I can't hear myself think when I'm eating them! I don't want "Reduced fat" (i.e. reduced flavour) crisps (if you don't want the fat, don't eat the crisp) or posh "snacks" with poncey flavours.

I just want a small bag of ready salted crisps.

Dear Witho

Further to the issues you experienced attempting to purchase a bag of "normal" crisps in the City of London, may I suggest that next time you're in Sainsbury's, you would be advised to purchase a multipack of Walkers to avoid further problems.

Love Witho

Weekend digest

Will someone please abolish those "Eight, seventy-one, forty" adverts for poxy mobile phone ringtones, wallpapers etc?

I think I've broken my "fiddling about with blogs before starting work" record this morning...

Motivation - nil
Hatred - one ga-zillion

I think I need a dose of TK Maxx - is there one is SE London?

If I had the power of foresight...

...I wouldn't have rejected the (relatively empty) 07:54 to Charing Cross, thinking "Nope, I'll wait for the 08:00 to Cannon Street as that's a stone's throw from the office, I won't have to change at London Bridge"

Silly, silly Witho

By 08:40 there was still no sign of a Cannon Street train (by which time there should have been three), only another (packed-to-the-gills) Charing Cross train, which I also rejected, thinking "at least one Cannon Street train will turn up soon".

Silly, silly Witho

Door to door, it took me the best part of 2 hours to get to work today. I never did see that Cannon Street train, and ended up getting off at London bridge and walking, which I could have done almost an hour earlier if I'd known...

Hindsight, what an annoying invention that was...

I hate this dirty town...

Friday, January 09, 2004


I've got a confession to make. Up until about an hour ago, I was a virgin. I'd never really experienced what so many other people had experienced. I would listen to their conversations about "you-know-what" and think: "I just can't relate this to my life". All that talk of getting all sweaty indoors, panting, sighing, revealing flesh, I couldn't join in with their conversations.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'd had plenty of experience out on the streets, several times a week. But behind closed doors, never. Jamais.

So today, for the first time, I went on a treadmill. Yes, a treadmill. Well what did you think I was talking about.... ? Oh, no, when I said "virgin", I meant a "treadmill virgin". What must you think of me, with my talk of being "out on the streets"? Hmmm, yes, I *can* see how that could have been misconstrued...


I've been running for some time (started last March as I originally wanted to run the Race for Life, and carried on after discovering that I could continue eating proper food and go down several dress sizes....), but up until now, only out on the cold, hard streets - keepin' it real, sista! However, since there's a free gym at my new office (the reason I run outdoors is because it's "free" and I'm too much of a skinflint - or a "Value Witho" to coin a Blue Witch phrase - to pay gym membership) I thought I'd give it a go. And by confining my running antics to within "working"* hours, it means I can maximise Big Fella time. Yes, I know we *only* saw eachother at weekends before, and now we live together and isn't that enough for me? Well no, it isn't - I still want more!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I went on the treadmill. And only stumbled embarrassingly twice. During the stumbles, I naturally grabbed for the handrail, and inadvertently pressed the stop button, which reset the bleedin' counter, so I don't actually know how far I went or for how long, but I've a fair idea. It was funny because when the thing stopped abruptly, my little** legs didn't understand and wanted to keep moving. A weird sensation. It's pretty dull though.

Further advantages of the 'mill are as follows:


Right, must fly, train to catch in a minute

*"working" encompasses the following:

**yes, I know Witho's legs aren't little, but I'm using it in that "ahhh, bless" sense, alright?


With my talk of lattes over the past few days, I fear I may have given a false impression of myself as some sort of coffee wimp.

In my defence, may I just point out that, whilst I will drink latte in the morning, for the rest of the day only an espresso (usually double) will do the trick. I suppose this stems from my time in France, where milky coffee in the morning and shorts for the rest of the day appeared to be de rigueur.

Hope that sets your mind at rest, Rad.

And Minnow, I say "nay, nay and thrice, nay" to your crazy decaff idea! Next thing you know you'll be telling me to go on the Atkins diet! *shudders*

No tales of commuter misery this morning. Train was on time, I got a seat, Coldplay blasting into my ears....

Thank God it's Friday...

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Deliberation, cogitation and digestion

Dear Stomach

For 31 years, you have provided me with a sterling service, digesting my food efficiently with barely a whimper of complaint. Now, I know I allowed you to get a nasty bug several months ago, but I really think you should have forgiven me by now, don't you? I'm fed up with your almost weekly "antics"*. Now, pull yourself together immediately!

Love Witho

* I shan't provide any more details than this, gentle reader, so as not to offend your no doubt delicate eyes...


Today, I stumbled onto the station platform just as a train rumbled in. Now, normally I would get the Cannon Street train (my office is a short stumble from Cannon St) which stops absolutely everywhere, allowing an increasing number of people to try and insert themselves into a decreasing amount of space, but this one was fast to Waterloo East, and after yesterday's débacle I thought "well, at least no-one else can get on the train before I get off it" so I jumped on, thinking "I'll simply get the Waterloo and Shitty Line to Bank". Naïve Witho...

Whilst the journey to Waterloo was painless, the Waterloo and Shitty Line was an absolute scrum. So what I saved in getting to Waterloo without stopping was immediately counteracted by:

On balance, I'm not sure which is worse. What's certain is that neither is ideal... Maybe I could just walk from Waterloo, or get a bus or something. Or maybe whatever I do, I'm doomed to become part of the moving pinstripe carpet which is the City of London...

At least I had the foresight to wear a different pair of trousers to work, so that I could get changed out of the wet ones into the dry ones. My hair looks like rats' tails though...

I found an alternative coffee supplier this morning, but the latte was a bit weak - I'll get them to put an extra shot in next time...

What a boring post *yawns*

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Witho needs new coat
Jigsaw have sale on
Witho has switch card

Sometimes there are happy endings...

The novelty of commuting (if there can be such a thing) has officially worn off....

Some rants for this morning:


Dear Network Rail

For your information, I am not a sardine, neither do I have aspirations in that area.

I thank you.

Love Witho


Dear Pregnant woman (I know you were pregnant because you were reading "Your Pregnancy" and then you proceeded to look a bit ropey and faint on the train - oops! I've given away the rest of the story....)

Why get on an obviously overcrowded train in your condition, and then proceed to look at bit ropey and faint thereupon?

Love Witho


Dear Starbucks

a) If I wanted a muffin with my coffee, I would have asked for "a muffin and a coffee please". However, I didn't, did I? I asked for a "Double tall latte" - and no, I don't want a muffin with that...

b) How come people who have brown sugar in their coffee (i.e. not me) get handy little portable sachets with a measured amount of sugar in them, whilst I must, using only my own skill and judgement, pour just the right amount of white sugar from a canister with no measuring device at my disposal? This is discrimination!

c) The cardboard sleeve which is provided for holding the cup (which, incidentally, states "Intended for single use only", a guideline which I choose to ignore in the name of waste management) states (and I quote): "Careful, the beverage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot". My response would be: "No it isn't, it's barely lukewarm"

Good evening

Love Witho


Dear other people

Life (well, commuting and shopping in particular) would be so much easier if you would all just f*** off! (Apart from the BF of course... and my blog pals... and probably some other people too...)

Love Witho


I think that just about covers everything for now

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Bye bye old desk...

Hello new...

Thanks to fotopages for this!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Stop press!

Whilst unpacking my box of "desk detritus", I found a mystery packet of fig rolls that someone must have snuck into the box whilst I was away on leave....



I have discovered the identity of the fig roll "planter" - my old desk mate, with whom I had many biscuit-based discussions...


Bloggy New Year

Sorry I'm a bit late posting my Happy New Year message. I have currently lost the power of home-blogging due to the fact that my new home does not contain my PC, and until we work out how to rig up the BF's laptop, all my blogging will have to take place from work. I mean, blogging from work, what kind of world are we living in where this kind of thing is allowed to happen? *chuckle*

Anyway, it's been a while. In fact, I haven't blogged since last year! And in that time, I've moved home, and moved offices. I would have liked to have provided a photographic depiction of these events, but unfortunately my so-called moblog is not playing ball at the moment. I have some pics just waiting to be MMS'd from my phone. Textamerica, Schmextamerica, that's what I reckon! I'll be looking for a new site to "host" my pictures - any suggestions welcome! So this means that you'll have to put up with the photo of me in the boob tube for a bit longer. Though some have argued that the garment in question is not a boob tube at all, on account of it not being stretchy and navel-revealing. To my mind, it is tuboid in shape, and clothes the boobs. Thus, it is a boob tube. So there.

I'm looking forward to this year, for the first time in years. Last year turned out to be a good year, despite initial pessimism. I made some important changes in my life (health, fitness and job-wise), and of course, met the BF after a period of unhappy singledom (the exact length of which I choose not to reveal).

This year will undoubtedly involve more changes - hopefully a new job (not just a new location for the same job) and a life of domestic coupledom bliss.

So, here I am in my new home-home and job-home! I.e. "That London" as it's known nowadays... The move was unexpectedly painless, and gradually I'm finding homes for my multifarious ladies bits and pieces in amongst the trappings of shambolic bachelordom which currently inhabit the BF's flat. I've even found a place to hang my coloured hair streaks! Didn't wear one to work today - want to give off an air of normality to start with, before I unleash the full Witho on my new colleagues...

Well, my new office overlooks a hotch potch of other buildings, cobbled together in a way which is characteristic of the City of London. I can see a bit of (grey) sky. My corner of the office is quiet, punctuated by the odd burst of "corporate laughter" from the couple of sales guys who sit near me when they're around - which is not often apparently. We get to drink tea out of proper mugs, and water from glasses! And apparently, we eat lunch out of fabergé eggs*... so they tell me... But seriously, there is a little gym and sauna downstairs which is a bit of a turn-up for the books! And if we leave the office after 5.15pm, we have to exit via a comedy "Alice in Wonderland" door which is about 3 foot high! For the good of my back, I shall have to leave work before then, despite my obvious desire to work late every night rather than go home and see my lovely Big Fella...

New Year's Eve was as planned, the soup and lasagne was prepared and eaten, Prince of Persia and tennis were played, items were placed on the sofa, fretting was performed, "Happy New Year" was said, and lewd activities were indulged in (don't like ending with a preposition, but can't think of how to get around it....)

Spent the last couple of days sorting out flat, catching up with London friends, chilling, cooking, watching films on Sky Box Office (only had terrestrial at my flat) and playing Prince of Persia and Bishi Bashi on the Playstation.

Right, I'm off to meet the BF for lunch. I've bit a bit remiss with commenting on my blog links, but I have been visiting and trying to keep up with your activities, honest!


*thanks to Bill Bailey for this imagery

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