Monday, January 05, 2004

Bloggy New Year

Sorry I'm a bit late posting my Happy New Year message. I have currently lost the power of home-blogging due to the fact that my new home does not contain my PC, and until we work out how to rig up the BF's laptop, all my blogging will have to take place from work. I mean, blogging from work, what kind of world are we living in where this kind of thing is allowed to happen? *chuckle*

Anyway, it's been a while. In fact, I haven't blogged since last year! And in that time, I've moved home, and moved offices. I would have liked to have provided a photographic depiction of these events, but unfortunately my so-called moblog is not playing ball at the moment. I have some pics just waiting to be MMS'd from my phone. Textamerica, Schmextamerica, that's what I reckon! I'll be looking for a new site to "host" my pictures - any suggestions welcome! So this means that you'll have to put up with the photo of me in the boob tube for a bit longer. Though some have argued that the garment in question is not a boob tube at all, on account of it not being stretchy and navel-revealing. To my mind, it is tuboid in shape, and clothes the boobs. Thus, it is a boob tube. So there.

I'm looking forward to this year, for the first time in years. Last year turned out to be a good year, despite initial pessimism. I made some important changes in my life (health, fitness and job-wise), and of course, met the BF after a period of unhappy singledom (the exact length of which I choose not to reveal).

This year will undoubtedly involve more changes - hopefully a new job (not just a new location for the same job) and a life of domestic coupledom bliss.

So, here I am in my new home-home and job-home! I.e. "That London" as it's known nowadays... The move was unexpectedly painless, and gradually I'm finding homes for my multifarious ladies bits and pieces in amongst the trappings of shambolic bachelordom which currently inhabit the BF's flat. I've even found a place to hang my coloured hair streaks! Didn't wear one to work today - want to give off an air of normality to start with, before I unleash the full Witho on my new colleagues...

Well, my new office overlooks a hotch potch of other buildings, cobbled together in a way which is characteristic of the City of London. I can see a bit of (grey) sky. My corner of the office is quiet, punctuated by the odd burst of "corporate laughter" from the couple of sales guys who sit near me when they're around - which is not often apparently. We get to drink tea out of proper mugs, and water from glasses! And apparently, we eat lunch out of fabergé eggs*... so they tell me... But seriously, there is a little gym and sauna downstairs which is a bit of a turn-up for the books! And if we leave the office after 5.15pm, we have to exit via a comedy "Alice in Wonderland" door which is about 3 foot high! For the good of my back, I shall have to leave work before then, despite my obvious desire to work late every night rather than go home and see my lovely Big Fella...

New Year's Eve was as planned, the soup and lasagne was prepared and eaten, Prince of Persia and tennis were played, items were placed on the sofa, fretting was performed, "Happy New Year" was said, and lewd activities were indulged in (don't like ending with a preposition, but can't think of how to get around it....)

Spent the last couple of days sorting out flat, catching up with London friends, chilling, cooking, watching films on Sky Box Office (only had terrestrial at my flat) and playing Prince of Persia and Bishi Bashi on the Playstation.

Right, I'm off to meet the BF for lunch. I've bit a bit remiss with commenting on my blog links, but I have been visiting and trying to keep up with your activities, honest!


*thanks to Bill Bailey for this imagery

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