Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Boring stuff you may not know about la Witho

piercings = 2 in each ear - no longer used to their full potential
tattoos = none, but am thinking about it
height = 5'10"
shoe size = 7
hair color = Dark brown
eye colour = Dark brown
siblings = 1 brother, 2 sisters, all older/elder (anyone know the difference/which is correct?)

movie you rented = Haven’t rented a movie for so long, have forgotten
movie you bought = Serendipity (feat. John Cusack – the only reason I bought it…)
song you listened to = Some nameless euphoric track on my MP3 player
cd you bought = hmmm, possibly Francis Cabrel – Hors Saison
cd you listened to = “Electric” – compilation of 80s synth classics
person you've called = the Big Fella (does texted count?)
person that's called you = the Big Fella (see above)
tv show you've watched = BBC Breakfast
Person you were thinking of = Big Fella
friend you made = probably someone on the hinterweb
enemy you made = probably someone on the hinterweb

you have a crush on someone = Cusack, Theroux
you wish you could live somewhere else = Yes, not London
you think about suicide = no
you believe in online dating = yes, it has worked for people I know
others find you attractive = apparently
you want more piercings = possibly
you drink = not alcohol except for the odd glass of Champagne – yes, I know I’m a freak
you do drugs = no
you smoke = only in my dreams
you like cleaning = no, but I like the results when it’s done
you like roller coasters = I used to
you write in cursive or print = joindy up

food = most foods – pasta and cheese would be hard to live without
song = that is impossible to answer overall, but yesterday my favourite was “Smalltown Boy” (Bronski beat) when it came on
thing to do = snuggle in bed with BF
thing to talk about = anything that I can speak knowledgeably about (i.e. not a lot) – food probably
sports = tennis rules, netball rocks
drinks = tea (builders'), “proper” coffee, water, orange and pineapple squash (for tennis)!
clothes = any garment which makes me feel good about myself
movies = Kevin Smith films, most French films, most Cusack films, arthouse nonsense
singer = Chris Martin (Coldplay) at the mo’
holiday = any holiday is good – not working is good

ever cried over a girl = yes
ever cried over a boy = yes
ever lied to someone = yes
ever been in a fist fight = no
ever been arrested = yes

funny = in the peculiar way, certainly
hot = in the temperature way, yes
friendly = yes, though I don’t always give this impression, apparently
amusing = to certain people…
ugly = no
loveable = yes
caring = yes
sweet = yes
dorky = yes

As seen at Ro's

What else?

Textamerica moblog seems to be working again so you've finally got rid of the pic of me in the zebra stripe boob tube. Phew! Now you'll have to make do with my evil eye until I manage to take any more decent pics with this god-forsaken phone...


BF's laptop has a virus - the Welchia worm. We ran a tool which appeared to fix it, but it looks like it may have come back again. This explains the problems we were having with blogging/comments etc. Anyone else had this? (You get an error message saying "svchost.exe has generated an error...", links don't work, copy/paste won't work, everything goes a bit mental, etc etc)

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