Friday, January 09, 2004


With my talk of lattes over the past few days, I fear I may have given a false impression of myself as some sort of coffee wimp.

In my defence, may I just point out that, whilst I will drink latte in the morning, for the rest of the day only an espresso (usually double) will do the trick. I suppose this stems from my time in France, where milky coffee in the morning and shorts for the rest of the day appeared to be de rigueur.

Hope that sets your mind at rest, Rad.

And Minnow, I say "nay, nay and thrice, nay" to your crazy decaff idea! Next thing you know you'll be telling me to go on the Atkins diet! *shudders*

No tales of commuter misery this morning. Train was on time, I got a seat, Coldplay blasting into my ears....

Thank God it's Friday...

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