Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The handbag mystery

During the working week, I carry quite a large shoulder bag around with me, which always appears to be full, and when trying to "audit" its contents, I find myself unable to exclude any of the items lurking within its murky depths, on account of them being needed for this or that eventuality.

However, at the weekend, the "cat bag" (as previously depicted on here) comes out, which is about the size of a CD, and an inch and a half deep. I somehow manage to still fit everything I need in it though, being:

So, the theory that whatever the size of the handbag, us ladies (and possibly you gents too, who knows?) manage to fill them to capacity with what seem to be essential items, certainly holds true for my good self.

Note to self: Buy smaller bag for work due to backache caused by volume of junk being lugged around...

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