Friday, January 23, 2004

It's getting hot in here....

Well, looks like controversy is Witho's friend, as yesterday saw a record number of comments on Dear Witho! Not many of them related to the post, granted, but all comments are welcome here (except as previously advised...), I'm just an ol' slapper, gawd bless me!

Now, today I think I'm going to cover a topic which I haven't covered for... oh, minutes! Yes, my current preoccupation with public transport shows no signs of abating.

For two days running, I came ambling out of the flat to find a bus just leaving my bus stop! Yes, readers, leaving, without me on it! I mean, what kind of world are we living in where this sort of thing is allowed to happen? Granted, I didn't actually look at the bus timetable to see when the bus was due (and as it happened, on both occasions the bus was on time)... but when will these buses realise, they are there for my convenience? They could have at least given me a call or something... Anyway, this morning, I beat them at their own game, and arrived at the bus stop (quite by chance) before the due time, thus enabling me to board the bus when it arrived. Ha! That'll teach 'em! I was very pleased with myself... One day, I might get used to this public transport lark...

So, the day starts well, I get the bus and get to the station earlier so that I can board the fast non-stopping train. That was the plan... Trouble is, the fast non-stopping train had actually managed to get itself wedged a couple of minutes *behind* the slow (no need for [del] here!) train (running along the same track), and stopped as many - if not more - times as the slow one.

So, this train doesn't stop open its doors until Waterloo East, and by this time, I'm never going to get to work on time. So I do the old "I'm-already-late-so-I-may-as-well-be-bloody-late" trick, and as if by magic, I'm walking through Waterloo Station and what do I see? A Paperchase... Now, the medication has really helped and everything, but ultimately I'll always be addicted to purveyors of fine stationery - and boy, Paperchase is top of the heap! So I bought a kitsch little notepad with a picture of a lion (for my sister's birthday) and a writing book with all different sorts of lined/squared/graph paper inside which I nearly came on, I was so excited!

Have I revealed too much here?

In other news

Dear Witho

Do you think you'll ever get any "work" done ever again now that you've discovered Ron's chat room and seem to have become one yourself?

Love Witho

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