Tuesday, January 20, 2004

New skills

Thanks to Blue Witch, Ron (whose blog, incidentally, appears to have become some sort of chat room - pop in, who needs MSN?) and Andy, I can now do numbered lists and strikethrough. This post will therefore demonstrate my newfoundskills (a bit like Newfoundland, but involving skills rather than land).

*tries to think of something to blog which would need a numbered list...*

Oh yeah, I'm thinking of selling my flat in Southampton which would earn me a tidy profit. Trouble is, I'm on a fixed rate mortgage which doesn't run out until July. Do I:

  1. Sell now, and pay the early redemption fee
  2. Wait until July

The trouble is, I'm currently paying for a home I'm not living in [added bit] and may be out of work for a while (planning on taking the summer off entirely) [end of added bit]. I suppose I should "do the math [sic] (girlfriend)" - find out what the penalty would be, weigh it up against paying x months mortgage repayments for keeping the place until July. And before you say it, I've thought about renting the place out, but it would require some investment to get it up to scratch, and I would need to put all my stuff in some sort of storage (no room at our London pad...). Maybe I should also include that as an option though... Too much for la Witho to think about.

Also, I'm still trying to work out what my new career should be. My current career is corporate dogsbody Senior AS/400 iSeries Developer (see how I managed to sneak two lots of strikethrough in there! And I used [del] and not [s] Ron) but I'm up for a complete change. Have thought about (back to a bulleted list now):

Any other ideas welcome!

Quick train rant

Just because a train doesn't stop at every available station, it does not necessarily deserve the appellation "fast"...


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