Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Those of us "lucky" enough to be in London can get cute, tabloid-sized versions of the Times and the Independent. I don't usually buy newspapers, except for the Guardian which I shamelessly use to search for jobs, discarding any actual "news". Maybe that's why I'm so ignorant of current affairs (as you'll see from my blog, I rarely opine on such matters)...

Anyway, so taken was I on my first day of commuting when I saw someone reading a dinky little "Times", that I immediately went out and bought one the very next day, even though I *never* read the Times. Tell a lie, I must have read it at least once, about six years ago, as my current job was found courtesy of an inconspicuous looking advert therein!

So, I was chuffed to read in today's dinky "Independent" that there are, apparently, secret plans afoot to introduce a baby Grauniad! Does that mean that the currently tabloid-sized G2 section will be *even smaller*! A teenie-weenie job section! That would rule... And what about the "Guide" on Saturdays? Will that be scaled down as well? You'd need a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass to find out what's on at the cinema... Cool!

Commuting today

Some trains actually turned up
Got the earlier train
Got a seat - makes all the difference!

Am in a happier mood today... (BF: *heaves sigh of relief*)


Further to numerous complaints about Enetation (mostly from myself), I am trying out Haloscan comments. This means fewer amusing "smileys", but possibly more reliable commenting... we'll see. This also means that I've "hidden" all the current Enetation comments for the time being so all my previous posts look highly unpopular. Hmmm, so what's new?

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