Wednesday, January 14, 2004


This "going to the gym at work" lark, whilst practical in many ways, can lead to issues, caused by what I shall refer to as the "bag transfer" problem.

See, when I want to go to the gym, I have to bring various supplementary items which won't fit in my normal work bag. So I have to transfer the pertinent items from the work bag into the gym bag, opening a window of opportunity for omission.

Todays omissions (noted once I was too far from home to go back) were:


The "getting the early train" trick worked again today. "Getting a seat" is directly proportional to "being in a reasonable mood" in Witho's world.


Whilst I was languishing in the bath last night, BF remarked that I'm really getting into baths nowadays. Well, I also "get out of" them as well, eventually (ha bloody ha)... but anyway, a bit like the "cats or dogs" debate, is the "bath or shower" debate. (BTW, I'm a "cats" person, as probably previously advised/hinted at...).

As a child, baths were de rigueur in Witho's world, then when adolescence came along, showers featured more and more, eventually replacing the bath altogether, until recently that is. The BF's shower is not the best, and he favours the "soak" over the "squirt" (oo-er!) so I tend to follow suit and have a relaxing bath in the evening, and a very quick shower in the morning.

I think it's somewhat dictated by how good (or even how "existent"!) your shower is (in my Hampshire residence, we have a combi boiler and super-duper power shower, don't you know), but the determined showerer will find a way, even if the odds are stacked against them, in my view.

The odds were really stacked against me once, when I was lodging in this guy's house. He had a nice, powerful shower, but the surrounding "infrastructure" could not support it. Water would escape through the bathroom carpet (not a fan of carpets in the bathroom myself...) and rot the floorboards below. My landlord's solution to this was to "confiscate" the shower head for a week or so, giving the floorboards a chance to dry out. Trouble is, I wouldn't get any warning of this, and would get up in the morning, ready for a quick shower, only to find that the shower head was gone, and I would be forced to have a bath instead (with all the extra time that entails....) Baths in the morning - it just ain't right.... IMHO. So what's *your* humble opinion?

Comments... now fixed

Apparently, some people were experiencing errors due to my hiding the enetation comments. But Ron told me how to fix it - thanks Ron...

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