Thursday, January 15, 2004


Hmmm, the fascinating title of this post reflects the fact that I'm somewhat lacking in inspiration today.

Yesterday, I was absolutely knackered. This meant that my method for dealing with the aforementioned "bag transfer" issue was not to bother going to the gym at all. Then, when I'd lugged (is this verb associated with the word "luggage" at all?) all the (clean, unused) gym stuff home again, I thought to myself "why didn't I just leave it at work, and avoid having the bag transfer issue all over again?". Sometimes I am such a dipstick.

Now, the BF has pointed out that there is a TK Maxx in Bexleyheath (i.e. near where we live!) and has indicated that I might be advised to go there on Saturday afternoon. Hmmm, could this have anything to do with him wanting to watch a certain football match in peace I wonder? The cheeky monkey! The thing is, the Maxx is normally a Sunday activity for me (fewer/less (which does one use for people? Are they an amorphous blob, or can one count them?) "other people" around - regular readers will know that I'm not always a fan of "other people", particularly when shopping...), so not sure how I'll fare on a Saturday... but I'll give it a go.

Today, my new "Larndon" colleagues are taking me out for lunch! Makes a change from the first couple of days where no-one spoke to me *sob*.


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