Friday, January 16, 2004

Train Etiquette

Please note, the following rant applies *only* to the following scenario:

(i.e. the trains Witho gets to and from work every day)
On every other type of train journey, other people should be avoided at all costs....

Dear "certain people on train*"

I note your insistence on occupying the aisle seats on the train, when there is actually a seat available by the window or in the middle (if it's a 3 seat arrangement). I note also that *most* of you actually disembark at the terminus, and thus do not have the worry of "not-being-able-to-get-off" at the appropriate non-terminal station. I hope you will allow me to enumerate the disadvantages of your approach:

Love Witho

*this rant does not apply to the older "slam door" trains, where the rules do not apply due to doors/windows/seats being in a different configuration.

Can anyone shed any light on this behaviour? It seems to me so much more pragmatic to fill the seats from window to aisle, and I much prefer *not* to have people clambering all over me so would occupy a window seat out of preference. I'm also rather clumsy, so having to clamber over people to sit down is fraught with danger for me.

A quote for today, which strikes a chord with me

All religion begins with the cry "Help!"

William James

Today's "bag transfer" omission

Item with which to tie back hair for treadmilling

Today's example of the organised chaos that is La Witho

(Last night) Witho makes sandwiches for Friday lunch
(Friday morning) Witho leaves sandwiches in fridge

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