Thursday, January 22, 2004

"We'll have no trouble here..." (in the style of "League of Gentlemen" shopkeeper)

*draws shaky line under yesterday's débacle*

We apologise for the interruption to the normal 24*7 availability of Dear Witho. This was due to circumstances which are more fully and eloquently described in Ron's analysis of what is now known as "Black Wednesday", which unfortunately spilled over into the normally peaceful (or some might say dull) world of La Witho for reasons which are still somewhat of a mystery. I should have known it was a bad day when they tried to fob me off with a skinny latte - I clearly asked for semi-skimmed!

Not to worry, the tears are now dry, the dust has settled and been whisked away with a feather'd stick, the comments thread has been wiped clean (so anyone who wishes to probe for gossip will be disappointed), and is open again.

So come, with your tales, your ideas, your opinions and your witty retorts - but leave the personal insults at the door please, along with your muddy boots, they are not welcome here... Again, Ron's guidelines for commenting are equally relevant here, and Witho herself has taken careful note after her unwitting foray into comment warfare...


Now, onto another subject, I have noticed that my blog looks different from different PCs. From my work PC, the sidebar is about 2.5 inches wide, thus neatly containing the links therein, while from the BF's laptop, from my home PC and from the Blogger preview window, it's about 5 inches wide, most of which is a white "void", and looks, frankly, a bit crap. La Witho is keen on aesthetics, you see.

So, what do you see? Do you know why this is? Is there anything I can do to ensure that Dear Witho appears consistently, or does it depend entirely on the configuration of the PC which is viewing the blog?

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