Thursday, January 29, 2004

Witho - interrupted...

Sorry guys, we are experiencing disruption to Dear Witho this morning due to Witho being at home with a nasty cold and BF's laptop still being a bag o'shite. What this means is I can read your comments only via the haloscan website and can edit *your* comments, but can't make any of my own. Great innit?

Here's what BF did last night:

La Witho wakes up and sees BF sitting up on the edge of the bed, looking like he's about to get up...

Witho:What are you doing?
BF:*looks bewildered* Errrr, being a queer *gets back into bed and snuggles up to la Witho*

BF has no recollection of this occurrence.

Anyway, have a nice day kids!


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