Friday, February 27, 2004


Popped into @sd@ (don't know why I'm doing that, but Billy does it, so it must be right...) last night on my way home from work to pick up salad, halloumi and a packet of wraps. As you do. Or not as the case may be...

Anyway, I'd been talking to the BF about jumpers the previous evening. I decided I wanted to buy him a new one. Whilst in @sd@, I thought I'd wander into the "George" section to have a look and see if they had any jumpers. I found one which was reduced from £16 to £8. To be honest, I would have happily paid £16 for it, so was well happy with my £8 bargain.

I traipsed off to get the other items on my shopping list, arrived at the checkouts, Switch Card poised, as the checkout assistant scanned my items. When she scanned the jumper, I looked at the display to check that the price had fed through correctly. Well it hadn't. The price showing was £1 (yes readers, that's one pound, sterling!). The checkout girl noticed too and shrugged: "I guess it's only a pound now". The piece of cheese I had bought was more expensive than the jumper!

Now, is that the biggest bargain in the world or what?

Here is BF modelling the garment in question (and making a bonus silly face too!):

I'm off to see if they've got any more in stock....

Meanwhile, on my other moblog, experience the snowy scene outside my bedroom window this morning... (Tilesey, eyes left, you can see it on the sidebar)...

It's my last day, and I'm still busy - but I was down the pub for 2 hours.... what are they going to do, sack me?

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