Monday, February 02, 2004

Downshifting - how low can you go?

I got the details for that job I was talking about the other day. I didn't explain what it was at the time, but I might as well now. There is an English Heritage site near where I live in London which was advertising for "seasonal" (March to September) staff - people to give guided tours, run the gift shop, provide information on the site and on becoming a member of English Heritage, etc. Now, for reasons explained down here (hmmm, the so-called "permalink" doesn't seem to work), this job appealed to me. I sent a postcard for an application form.

Having received the particulars, I noted the following:

Now, there's downshifting and there's cleaning toilets. Yep, someone's got to do it, but on the one hand they expect me to give guided tours, and on the other, they expect me to wield loo brushes at errant clingons. Am I a snob for not wanting to do this?

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