Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Lacking in inspiration

And another thing...

Why is it that you always get an itchy nose when your hand is immersed in soapy water of one kind or another? (e.g. washing up bowl or bath). Any attempts to scratch it with the lather-ridden hand will apply a globule of slow-dissolving foam which only serves to increase both the size and intensity of the itchiness. Asking a friend or partner to perform the scratching can result in injury if they apply too much pressure, or a tickling sensation if they apply too little.

BF is a nutjob

Yesterday, BF rediscovered (as he does every couple of weeks) his little tin of chocolate sardines (no, that's *not* a euphemism) - one of the many Christmas presents bestowed upon him by his belov'd Witho (or "me" as she's otherwise known...). He decided that the sardines would make ideal edible spoons for eating a Petit Filou (the chocolatey ones). So, there we sat, each eating a Petit Filou with a chocolate sardine. It's a worry, it really is...

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