Monday, February 16, 2004

Monday Monday

Good morning Vietnam! (Where "Vietnam" = "all you loverley bloggers" - a simple algebraic substitution, I think you'll agree).

God, I'm a weirdo...

Anyway, this is the commencement of my final week working from the London Office. The final week of miserable commuting into the miserable city on miserable trains with other miserable commuters. My colleagues at this office think I'm a nutjob (which isn't far from the truth, but for quite different reasons...). I turned up here a few weeks ago, and now I'm off again! What am I like? (Answer: you're like someone who didn't like their job anyway, and liked it even less when it involved doing it in the City of London. See, it's quite simple really...). My final week working for [company name] will be spent at the Southampton office which suits [the company] and suits me too as I can spend it with my "nice" colleagues and friends and, because it's half term, the Big Fella can come down with me! Hurrah!

This week I've got an interview with a recruitment agency to whom I sent my cv. I'll be looking for a "local" job for "local" people so that I don't have to commute. I'm not that bothered what I do. Anything's an improvement on this. But since I have experience in secretarial work, I imagine it will be something along those lines.

The Weekend

BF job news

The BF wasn't shortlisted for his "dream" (ish) job and is trying to find out why for future reference. Meanwhile, he's spotted another job at a school where the deputy head is his old sixth form tutor and Latin teacher, so he had a long chat with him about the post and is applying for it, probably, as we speak!

Sitemeter news

It was only a few weeks ago that my sitemeter reached 3,000 and it's already pushing 5,000! All the craziness of the past few weeks has obviously taken its (positive) toll on Dear Witho.

As usual, if you're the 5,000th visitor, please leave a comment and a link to your blog (if you've got one).

I've been trying to change my sitemeter code from the HTML version to javascript so that I can see referrals properly but when I do this, the sitemeter disappears altogether! Anyone know what I'm (doubtless) doing wrong? Yes, I know I work in IT, but not *this* sort of IT!

Shameless pilfering

Ian, over at Simeworld, asked the question "If your blog were a TV programme, what would it be?"

So, dear readers, how do you see Dear Witho? Is it the QVC of blogdom? The "Footballers' wives"? The "Richard and Judy"? Or is it the "Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends" (oh, would that it were!)

Come on, let me have your suggestions!

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