Thursday, February 05, 2004

Note to self...


I've noticed that the amount of sugar that people have in their tea or coffee (in Britain) can be indicative of their social "class"? People from the working classes often have multiple sugars, while middle and upper classes very rarely have sugar at all, according to my observations. As people become upwardly mobile, they often decrease the amount of sugar in hot beverages, usually to zero. Witho's siblings are examples of this behaviour. Witho, however, being a non-conformist, still takes 2 sugars in tea and coffee, despite the fact that she is, essentially, middle class. So, what is *your* sugar intake?


Since the age of about 15, Witho has entertained thoughts of becoming a teacher. It's been like an itch that I've tried not to scratch for all that time. The question is, now that I'm starting again on the career front, can I ignore the itch any longer? It scares me, but at the same time, it's drawing me in, like a moth to a flame... should I, La Witho, be a teacher?

Thought of the day

One changes from day to day ... every few years one becomes a new being

George Sand

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