Thursday, February 19, 2004


Last night, we went to see Air at the Brixton Academy - one of my Christmas pressies from the Big Fella. Air gigs are weird, man. I went to one a couple of years in Southampton. It's not like a gig at all - it's like an over-sized living room, with people sitting around smoking (both regular and wacky baccy), drinking beer, chatting, with some cool music in the background. You don't get that intense atmosphere that you get at some gigs, it's all very chilled. There were a couple of moments where people were getting excited ("Kelly watch the stars" and "Sexy Boy", surprisingly enough) but other than that, a subdued affair. I enjoyed the music, but the walk through Brixton scared me sh*tless - I think I've been away from London too long. Got a bit panicky on the bus home last night too - rowdy teenagers, not doing anything other than being rowdy teenagers, but still managing to make me feel uncomfortable and intimidated. I'm so pathetic sometimes. A big strapping girl like me getting herself in a right "two 'n' eight" (that's "state" for the non-Cockney readers out there - and one of the few Cockney rhyming slang expressions where you do say the second bit, Ray).

So, that was Air. They were supported by Joy Zipper (yes BF, looked it up, it wasn't Joy Zephyr) who I thought were really quite good. Nice keyboards, a bit Gomez-y, cool!

"Lack of job" news

I got my P45 today... haven't seen one of those for a long time! But I've also got this interview with the agency after work tonight, so hoping that they will find me something reasonable to be doing in the meantime, while I come up with my master plan....

Well, it's taken me 2 hours to go through my emails, blogroll and write a post. Maybe it's time to do some work now...

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