Friday, February 13, 2004

Tips of the day

Dear Witho

  1. You know dressing gowns? Well, they aren't just decorative "accessories", they are actually useful garments for covering the naked body in an "around the house" sort of way, particularly in the morning as you go about your daily routine. I would suggest that carrying the dressing gown from bedroom to bathroom via kitchen, whilst remaining naked as the day you were born, is a thoroughly redundant activity.

  2. You know when you're listening to your MP3 player and you want to know the name of the track you're listening to? Well, I find, a useful way of finding out is to look at the screen on the MP3 player, which provides title, artist and name of mix (if applicable). Whilst your mobile telephone is undoubtedly a useful accessory, looking at its screen for this information can only lead to disappointment, since it will only yield the time, the words "Unlock" and "O2 UK", some bars to indicate reception and battery power, and a low quality (yet sweet) photo of the big fella in the background.

I hope you will find these tips useful as you go about your daily activities

Love Witho

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