Friday, February 06, 2004


Dear Raisins, sultanas and similar dried fruit products

When I'm dipping my Cinnamon Swirl into my coffee, please do not take the opportunity to nose-dive into the coffee. I do *not* like to find "items" lurking in the bottom of my cup, thank you very much.

I realise that it's my own bloody fault for dipping it in the first place, but still....

Love Witho

I went to see the film "American Splendor [sic]" when I was in Southampton the other day (I miss you, Harbour Lights cinema *sniff*). I really enjoyed it. An interesting mix of film, animation and documentary. Would like to get a copy of the comic book on which it's based actually as I reckon it would be really funny. Miserable bloke rants about the tedium of every day life. Hmmm, sounds a bit like my blog. Except for the bloke bit (although Fluffy seems to think I might be a bloke masquerading as a woman!).

Anyway, I digress. Today is Friday! Which means that I forego my daily bowl of porridge (oh, the scintillating life you lead Witho!) and treat myself to a nice cakey with my coffee (the aforementioned Cinnamon Swirl). The man in the coffee shop knows my order off by heart now.... I'm off to Southampton again tonight, for another friend's party, while the BF is off down to Bristol to see some of *his* mates for a lad's weekend of nerdy computer games, takeaway food and beer. I've got a Letting Agent coming round to my flat to assess its rentability on Saturday, then it's off to see my brother who has just moved house...

Another busy weekend in Withoville...

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