Friday, February 06, 2004



La Witho doesn't like wastage.

Just outside Cannon Street station, there is an M&S Simply Food store. Does exactly what it says on the tin - no non-food products here, no sir-eee! I've checked! Once I needed a packet of tissues, but could I get any? Could I 'eck as like...

La Witho frequents this establishment to purchase "for-consumption-at-work" comestibles on a regular basis, examples being fruit, biscuits, sandwiches, salads etc.

La Witho has noticed the following phrase emblazoned on a carrier bag from this very establishment:

La Witho has also noted that, far from encouraging customers to obey the advice printed thereupon, the establishment actively promotes the use of a brand new carrier bag for each transaction, with cashiers waiting, bags akimbo, for the next unsuspecting customer. In fact, when La Witho states to the cashier that she does not require a bag, the cashier eyes her with what can only be described as stupefaction.

Now, La Witho is no mathematician, but if you imagine the number of people passing through that establishment every day to purchase one sandwich, each sandwich being wrapped in a fresh sachet of plastic, only for that bag to be thrown almost immediately into the nearest bin while the sandwich buyer swiftly consumes its bounty, then you imagine the number of such establishments within the City of London, the country, the world... well, I can only imagine that literally... erm ... lots of bags get wasted every day....

So there

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