Monday, February 09, 2004

The weekend in pictures

Saturday, these:

Sunday, this:

Monday, this:

And in the style of a child Billy:

This weekend I went to a party in Southampton and it was nice and I saw my friends and we had a nice time and I had some food and I had some drink and I stayed up very late and it was nice and on Saturday a man came round and he said this is a nice flat and I can find some nice people to live here and they will give you this much money and I will take some of that money but not a lot of it but you need to change the carpet and then I took all my plastic bottles and glass bottles and tins and paper and cardboard to a special place where a nice man will come and turn them into something else and then I came home and then I went to a shop where you can buy new trainers and they said what sort of trainers do you want and I said I want some running shoes and they waggled my feet around and made me stand up and sit down and walk up and down to see if my feet were funny or not and then they told me to try on lots of shoes and run up and down the road and I had to say if they were comfy or not and some of them were comfy and some of them were not and then I decided which ones I wanted and they were very nice and I had to give them a plastic card and sign on a dotted line and they gave me the shoes it was really exciting and then I went to see my brother who has a new house and I saw my sister-in-law and my nephew and it was very nice and we had pasta and we went to the pub and then the next day we went to a duck pond and then we went to an antiques fair but everyone was a bit posh and then we went for a pizza and then I drove to a petrol station and the Big Fella was there and he got in the car and then we went home and went to bed and did special cuddling and it was nice.

I think that just about covers the facts

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