Sunday, February 01, 2004


Dear Weekend

You know how sometimes it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day? Well there are *never* enough days in the weekend. Please try harder to last longer in future.

Love Witho

Phew... it's been a busy time.

Friday night, drove down to Southampton with the BF in tow. It's the first time I've been back to my little flat for a month. We came back for a soirée on Saturday night at my lovely friend/colleague/neighbour's (I should probably make up a Hannabella-style abbreviation here shouldn't I?) flat so I got to see all my old Southampton-based colleagues and friends. I'm not afraid to admit that I've missed them. That has been the main sacrifice of my moving up to London, but we have always said we would come back down this way again, subject to BF finding a suitable teaching job in the area.

Anypoo (as Billy would say - I've now got the BF saying this too!), we arrived on Friday evening, called in on my lovely friend/colleague/neighbour who presented me with a shopping bag containing milk, butter and malt loaf (the staple foods of la Witho) and a bonus bunch of tulips (bless 'er!) which I displayed in my test-tube vase, as shown below:

In exchange for these items, I presented her with the takeaway menu for the curry house as she didn't have one, though I'm not convinced that this was a fair exchange, particularly since she posted the menu back through my door some time later... She's one of those selfless individuals, for whom nothing is too much trouble. A rare breed...

So Saturday was spent having a lazy (but, in the BF's case, well deserved) lie-in, going down the pub to meet some friends and watch the football (well, I didn't watch it, I just gibbered and generally distracted people from watching it), purchasing P&M (note lack of K, more of this later), getting some food supplies (apparently there is a crumpet shortage in Southampton, as the BF and I discovered to our dismay...), home for a quick shag, then out again for the mammoth journey (at least 5 yards or so...) next door for the aforementioned lovely neighbour's soirée.

We played games, ate buffet food, I wore my new denim skirt and my pointy boots. Now, la Witho is not renowned for getting her legs out on a regular basis and I nearly got away with it unscathed as I strolled in nonchalantly, but lovely F/C/N suddenly screeched "SHE'S GOT LEGS!!!" which caused all attendees to look aghast at the Witho they saw before them... Poor Witho scuttled off into the kitchen until the excitement had died down... and luckily, it did... It was a really good night - lots of bitching about work and general nonsense...

This morning, we noticed that the sun was out and thought we'd take advantage of this by playing tennis. We started getting ready, when BF realised that, whilst we had brought the tennis racquets, he hadn't brought any suitable clothing. Now, whilst I had a top which just about fit him, funnily enough I failed to have any size 11 tennis shoes just hanging about. La Witho is a big girl, but not *that* big! So tennis was out, but we went for a walk on the common instead, before heading to the pub again for Sunday lunch, then to a friends house to watch more football (although I took the opportunity to indulge in more gibbering and have a little nap...).

Again, back to my flat for "activities", before conveying the BF to the station. I'm staying down here for the next couple of days, working from the Southampton office, which means I'll see Tilesey, as well as various other chaps (most of whom I caught up with at the weekend anyway...)

This is the first time me and BF have been separated for a while, but it's only for two days, and, as previously advised, it's the exception rather than the rule, and after the amount of time we spent apart before, it shouldn't be a problem... but I reserve the right to be wistful from time to time!!!!

Now, back to Pick&Mix. Those Brits among you may know that Woolworth's have "rebranded" (*shudder*) their Pick&Mix selection. In the olden days, there was Pick&Mix and Kid's Pick&Mix (a.k.a. KP&M). Now, they no longer make that distinction, all loose sweet products are lumped into the generic "Pick&Mix". Along with this rebranding comes a new régime which I, for one, am greatly in favour of. Instead of filling a bag with sweeties, having it weighed and discovering that you owe Mr. F. W. Woolworth the princely sum of, say, £6.58 for a modest bag o' sweets, you can now fill a fixed-price cup with sweets which will cost you only £2.99 (yes readers, that's two pounds and ninety-nine pence!). Below is an illustration of the aforementioned cup, shown next to a standard bottle of Persil Aloe washing up liquid to give an idea of scale:

Now, I reckon that if I had bought those same sweets under the "weighing" régime (which, incidentally, still persists for the more conservative sweet buyers among us) it would have cost at least £4.67 (this figure being an approximation). So, my advice is, get yourself down to Woolworth's tout de suite, me old muckers!

Right, I really *will* shut up now - I'm hungry and can't stare at this screen any longer...


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