Friday, February 20, 2004

Witho, you dipstick!

I do worry about my short term memory... Last evening, I had two cases of "dipstickerie" within about a 5 minute timeframe. Picture the scene.

Example 1:

Witho is walking along the platform at Charing Cross station, having just been to her interview with a recruitment consultant (which went very well, thanks for asking!). She decides to phone the Big Fella, who had said he would meet her at the station the other end. She phones him on the landline at home (take note):

Me: Bla bla bla Charing Cross gibber gibber 18:31 bla bla bla
He: Bla bla Okay, will leave now gibber gibber
Me: Gibber gibber Are you still at school?
He: Witho, you've just called me on the home phone love, what are you chatting about?
Me: Er, good point, well made....
He: See you at the station, you donut!
Me: (selection of generic terms of endearment)
He: (selection of generic terms of endearment)

Example 2:

Witho boards the train (after having to ask someone if this was the right train due to total lack of information once on the platform - Witho is always paranoid about getting on the wrong train...) and takes her seat. She decides to take her mobile out of her bag and put it in her coat pocket, as it's easier to feel it vibrating when it's in her pocket and the BF might phone or text.

Seconds later:

Thinks: I'll just check my phone.
*rummages in bag*
Thinks: OMG! My phone's disappeared, where can it be?
*realises it's in her coat pocket where she put it a few seconds ago*


Forgot to mention - it's my last day at the London office today! Next week, I'll be back in the "bosom" of the Southampton Head Office as a fitting end to my current career... (eeek, that sounds final - but I suppose it is....)


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