Thursday, February 05, 2004

Witho's factoid of the day

I'm sitting here eating my "melon medley" (an as-yet unconfirmed combination of what appears to be Galia, Canteloupe and Watermelon) and I remembered one of my useless French facts (of which there are many lodged inside my addled brain...) which I thought I'd share with you - WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, ALRIGHT? (said with tightly drawn lips and husky Phil Mitchell-esque cockney accent)

Now, over here we think of a watermelon as a type of melon - albeit a watery one. So there I was in France, eating my watermelon, and said to my French companions (in French): "This melon is really nice!" The guffawing which ensued indicated that I had made some sort of linguistic error. "That's not a melon" they jeered "it's a [French word for watermelon - "pastèque" if you're interested]". They simply don't consider that melons and watermelons are related. In fact, they're probably not related botanically speaking, but the point is, they're similar in shape (big and round) and insides (juicy flesh with seeds in), so to lump them into a generic category of "melon" is not entirely outrageous, I wouldn't have thought... Frogs eh?

Some other French gems:

By the way, one of my other ideas for my new career is: "Person who warns people about the French". A consultant, if you will, to point out a few guidelines to all those people who have a rose-tint bespectacled view of our Gallic friends. Now, I'm convinced that there is a market for this, but the world may not be ready for it quite yet...

Hmmm, I think that's all for now


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