Friday, March 19, 2004

As if I needed reminding....

... why I'm leaving that London...

10:20 Witho leaves the flat, purchases 1 day travelcard from newsagent
10:30 Witho boards bus for the station
10:40 Witho arrives at the station and plans on getting 10:45 to Charing Cross
10:41 Witho notes goods train on track just beyond station which doesn't appear to be moving
10:45 10:45 Charing Cross service disappears from board
10:50 Announcement over tannoy advising customers of delays and to board first available train, changing where necessary
10:55 Witho notes goods train up ahead has still not moved
10:59 Witho boards (delayed) Cannon St service
11:20 Witho is still sitting on Cannon St service. The doors have closed, but the train hasn't moved
11:25 Driver announces that all London-bound services have been stopped due to both point and signal failure. Customers are advised to travel to alternative station
11:26 Witho waits for bus to alternative station
11:40 Witho arrives at alternative station
11:41 Witho notes that the next train to London is due at 12:00 (incidentally, the time of her appointment in central London - she has already phoned to warn of potential lateness)
12:00 Witho boards train
12:45 Witho finally arrives at the offices of the recruitment consultant

Nearly two and a half hours... I ain't saying nuffin'

The Interview

Well, the reason I had to go up town was to register with a temping agency, and do various typing tests and so on. I think it went quite well. I got 100% on the spelling test (yes, a spelling test - I didn't think they still did those, but felt quite heartened that they did). The woman said she sees people getting 100% about twice a year... so at least that's something I'm reasonable at...

I also did a copy typing test (which I panicked at and forgot that the way to type the fastest is to *not* think about it...) and an audio typing test (which I've never done before - quite enjoyed it and proved that I can type quickly actually...) and a Microsoft Word test (for which I got 95% - okay, I forgot about the envelope printing function - it's been a while!).

Needless to say, when she asked what sort of jobs I was looking for, my main requirement was "local"...

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